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Insurance for Valentine’s Day Gifts

ruby red hearts

Did you find the perfect diamond necklace? The beautiful tennis bracelet that they’ve been aching for, the Rolex watch that you know is just right? Before you run out of the shop and over to your Valentine’s Day date, make sure your gift is insured. The insurance is just the cherry on top of this gift, to preserve the gesture in case of loss, theft, or destruction. The steps are easy, and you’ll still make it to dinner on time– we promise. Here’s what you can do: Continue Reading →

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Did You Insure Your Holiday Gifts?

Gold and diamond bracelets

One of the best parts of the post-holiday time is putting away all the new gifts, trying everything out, settling them into your daily life. Whether a diamond necklace, or new sporting equipment, the last thing you want is to have something happen to them, to end up paying out of pocket or telling your mother-in-law the gift is gone forever. Continue Reading →

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What Does a “Hit and Run Accident” Mean?

Hit and run accident damage

What’s called a “hit-and-run” accident can be more broadly defined than you might assume. It’s not just the dramatic hit-and-run like those in the movies (cue car chase and mystery driver who actually has personal motive to hit your vehicle). A hit-and-run accident can involve cars, pedestrians, or even other pieces of property. If you’ve ever walked into the parking lot and felt your stomach sink to your toes at the sight of the shiny new dent in the rear of your vehicle, you know it takes a lot to quell the anxieties that come along with a hit-and-run. As an anticipatory measure, take a look at your coverage as it extends to hit-and-runs. Here’s the quick overview of the two types of coverages you should investigate: Continue Reading →

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The Basics of Moving Insurance


There are a lot of different things to plan and prepare for when you are making a big move and it can be quite stressful. But one thing that is easy to overlook in the midst of all of this chaos is getting moving insurance in case something goes wrong. You may have another form of insurance such as homeowners, but this will not cover any property that is lost or damaged during the move. Adding moving insurance will ensure that all of your items are covered, whether you’re moving across the country or just to the other side of the city.

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Another California Earthquake. Are You Insured?

Do you know the percentage of California homeowners who have earthquake insurance? Would you assume that more than 50 percent of homeowners in this fair state had earthquake insurance?

You’d be wrong, and way off. A mere 17 percent of them have earthquake insurance, and that’s not a good thing. In fact, most residential insurance policies don’t offer earthquake coverage—not since the Northridge earthquake in 1994. But if a quake strikes without it, you’ll be liable for all costs to repair or rebuild your home, to replace property and for temporary housing. Continue Reading →

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BMR Insurance Gives OC Business Owners a Break on Commercial Auto Insurance

Don’t let a freeway mishap destroy your business!

One thing that America has always been, no matter the state of the economy, a land of opportunity. And now is a great time for entrepreneurs to get out and finally live their dream of being a business owner! And although California is a great place to live, yet again Chief Executive magazine has ranked the state dead last in their list of states with good business climates. That is why we, at BMR Insurance, make it our mission to help out business owners by giving them great deals on their commercial auto insurance. Continue Reading →

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Consumer Complaints Rising, and Insurance is Essential

Don’t trust a smiling contractor without checking that his company is bonded and insured!

Everyone complains about it nowadays—service just isn’t what it used to be. And it’s not just a phrase; consumer complaints truly are on the rise, according to popular website, a site dedicated to publicizing and solving consumers’ problems. You can visit the site to find blog posts and comments detailing the most common problems and gripes, there was actually a survey released last month that crunches the numbers.

The study, released by The Consumer Federation of America, the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators, details “the most common, fastest growing and worst complaints” received in 2010 by over 30 agencies. Most were related to the economic hardships faced by consumers and businesses in today’s increasingly tough times.

And for our customers, we’d like to point out a few of the highlights, and show you how we can help:

  1. Landlord and Tenant Issues: Although no side is entirely to blame, tenants have the least protection against bad landlords and their antics. The highest number of complaints were about unsafe living conditions, illegal evictions, rent and deposit disputes and failure to make necessary repairs or provide contractual obligations.
    Are you a renter? You need renter’s insurance, as a dishonest or inept landlord will not keep maintenance up on their property. You are liable to replace all of your possessions if the upstairs neighbor’s water heater leaks through your ceiling, NOT your landlord!
    Are you a landlord? Do you have dwelling fire policy? If your answer was no, you should call us asap. It doesn’t cover all damage, but it does cover willful vandalism from your tenant. DO NOT assume that your homeowner’s insurance will cover it! That only covers the house you live in.
  2. What do a lot of people have in common with actor Will Smith? No, not sticky-out ears or contact with aliens, but problems with contractors and home building. We could tell you stories until the cows come home about faulty installations and shoddy workmanship, but the main point is: homeowner’s insurance, again, won’t cover shoddy workmanship. Nope, not until it causes some damage to your home.
    So what do you do? ALWAYS check the references for any builders or tradespeople that will do work on your home, and definitely check with the state board to make sure they have liability insurance and they’re bonded. Not sure what all that means? Just call us at BMR Insurance. Not only can we explain all of the best practices for hiring people to work in your home, we also can refer you to some stellar companies that are top-notch.

Have questions about the best way to insure your properties, your business, your cars, and ultimately, your family? Call us at BMR Insurance—or just stop by! There is always a real person to help you at BMR Insurance; we know that personal service is not just what you expect, it’s what we deserve. It’s also what we’ve built our business on over 60 years. Call us now on (714) 838-1911 or click here to use our online form.

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Protect Yourself and Your ATV: Get Insurance!

Having insurance for your ATV will help cover liabilities in case of any accidents.

BMR Insurance loves the outdoors, and we enjoy taking advantage of the eclectic range of outdoor activities during the summer.   From surfing the Newport waves to hiking down in the beautiful Laguna canyon, you can be sure to find us being active while we are away from the office.  One of our favorite outdoor activities is taking out our ATVs to San Luis Obispo and riding the rough terrains and off-beach roads.  Although riding ATVs is an exhilarating pastime, it can also be very dangerous. Continue Reading →

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Insure Your Teen Driver!

Do you remember where your teen driver was last Friday? In future, you really should.

Historically, May 20th has been marked as the worst day for teen drivers, with research showing that on this date the number of car accidents involving teenagers spike significantly.  Although the cause is not certain, experts think that it has to do with summer events like graduation, parties and prom, all social events that could encourage reckless teen driving on the roads.  On average, 21 teens die on May 20th every year, which is double the normal amount on any other given day.  And although the number of teen deaths in car related accidents has dropped significantly in the last ten years, it was still reported in 2009 that over 3,500 teens die each year from car accidents.

In the past decade, many measures have been taken to further reduce the number of teens in car crashes.  One of the most successful implementations to tackle this goal is something called graduated licensing laws, which gradually ease teens into risky driving situations as they begin to get more acclimated to driving.   For example, in the initial stages of driving, there will be certain restrictions enforced upon teens, such a driving curfew, which would restrict teens from driving past 9 or 10 PM.  Another example would be limiting the number of passengers a teen may transport.

Still, the statistic for teen deaths in car related accidents is unsettling, and BMR Insurance encourages all parents to take all measures possible to keep their teens safe while driving. Parents have a lot more authority than they think, and even simple reminders to your teens will help them towards better driving habits.

And of course, remember to properly insure your teen with comprehensive automobile insurance.  BMR Insurance can get you great automobile insurance rates for your family and your teen. For a complimentary insurance policy review or if you would like to learn more about saving money on auto insurance for your teen, call BMR Insurance today at (714) 838-1911 to speak to one of our agents or visit our website at and fill out a contact us form.

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Going Through Significant Life Changes? You Need to Review Your Insurance Policies!

Just married? New spouses can qualify for combined, lower insurance premiums.

Have you reviewed your insurance policies lately?  At BMR Insurance, we recommend our clients to go through their insurance policies with an agent at least once every six months to ensure that everything is up to date and clear.  However, there are also significant events in our lives that warrant an immediate policy review. Read on to see what important life changes constitute sitting down and reevaluating your insurance policies.

Just Married

Changes in marital status could affect all realms of one’s insurance policies.  For example, did you know that married couples could qualify for lower auto insurance premiums by combining their policies?  On the other hand, one’s traffic record can also adversely affect his or her spouse’s policy.  Check with your insurance agent to see which option is best for you and your spouse.  BMR Insurance recommends for married couples to combine their health insurance premiums to lower their costs, especially if one of the spouse’s employers offers family member coverage.  For couples that are moving together into a new apartment or home, remember to look into homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance to protect your newly combined assets.

New baby

Welcoming a new addition to the family is an exciting time, and during this period couples should make sure that their newcomer will be adequately covered with proper health and life insurance. Depending on each insurance company, babies are usually covered under their mothers’ insurance premiums for a short amount of time.  However, it is wise to begin looking into these separate policies as early as possible.

Changes in Your Career

Discuss with your new employer’s Human Resources department to see what types of health coverage they offer for their employees.  Your new employer might be able to offer lower premiums or even extend your coverage to your family members.  If your employer does not offer any health benefits, check around with private health insurance companies and consider joining your own plan.

Going through one of the above life changes and need to review your insurance policy? Give BMR Insurance a call today (714) 838-1911 for a free insurance consultation.

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