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The “New” Way to Vacation: RVs Are Cool Again


The American way is constantly shaken up and turned round: at the moment, we find ourselves surrounded by hipsters and health foods, yoga and pilates, ‘Coffee Shop’ experiences and professional juiceries. As new and exciting as we find it, much of it is simply a rediscovery of past trends–refurbished trends brought back into the limelight. The 1970s introduced the tradition of the RV road trip.

Nothing speaks to the American lifestyle more than a road trip through our kaleidoscope landscape: rich tones and layers of canyons and rocky mountains, vibrant verdancy of forests, and endless horizons of the Great Plains. The accompanying mixed tape of family and friends’ music, laughter (or occasionally some toddler tears), and conversations, creates fond memories which will last for years to come. The spirit of the 1970s American road trip hasn’t changed, but the comfort and accessibility of travel has. Now, more than ever, there are endless options for your mode of travel; RV’s created to fit anyone and everyone’s personal roadtrip vision. These new-fangled vehicles have accessories for every situation, maximally efficient floor plans, and their designers have thought of every need your RV must fulfill.  Some top options for your roadtrip adventuring include: Continue Reading →

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Be Safe and Polite When Boating in California


For new boaters (and some old ones), boating etiquette can be a little confusing, and can get you into some trouble if not done properly. Many fights have broken out over rude boating practices, and this is the last thing that you want when you, your friends and your family are just trying to enjoy your relaxing day out on the water. Be sure to follow all of these rules and practice common courtesy the next time you get behind the wheel—of a boat, that is. Continue Reading →

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Take a Ride on the (Less) Wild Side: Three-Wheeled Motorcycles

Even Harley Davidson makes the Trike.

Even Harley Davidson makes the Trike.

When checked some time ago, the insurance actuaries put a number on the likelihood of a motorcycle injury if you rode a cycle for two years. The sobering number was 95 percent! To the rational mind, i.e. one concerned with living a full life with all limbs and head attached, two-wheeled transportation was scratched from your list, opting for more conventional four-wheeled transportation. Safety aside, paying the insurance premium alone put a big hole in your bank account. Continue Reading →

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Important Boating Insurance Basics for Summer Fun

Yellow Yacht

Summertime is best spent outdoors, and July in sunny Southern California means plenty of opportunities to take a boat out on the ocean or one of our many lakes. But before you launch, consider the implications of not having adequate boat insurance. California does not require boat owners to carry insurance, but the rules from state to state vary, and there are many benefits to having coverage. Continue Reading →

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On the Road Again! Summer Vacation in a Motorhome

airstream rental

Photo ©Thomas J. Story. Click here for Sunset Magazine's guide to the best RV for you!

As the spring winds bring in warmer weather, most RV owners’ thoughts turn to hitting the road! That is especially true for the younger families who are looking forward to a summer vacation during the kids’ break from school. For mom, dad and the kids, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Western states is a great outlet for blowing off steam and exploring sights that have only been seen in magazines…or perhaps on an iPad. Continue Reading →

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Get Off-Road This Summer in Orange County!

Follow Iron Maiden's advice and run to the hills!Don’t be like everyone else, heading down to the beach this summer. Why not? Because you can’t drive your ATV, dirt bike or mountain bike on the beach! And that’s no fun. So turn eastward and head to the mountains, and you’ll score yourself a great day in the outdoors with a fantastic view! Continue Reading →

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Is Your Jet Ski or Yacht Insured Correctly?

Jet skis are extremely fun, but insurance is required! Photo by Tony Dowson.

With constant images of the beach, surfing and hot sunny days posted on television programs and the Internet, California is well known for its natural water sources and the plethora of available recreational sports. Water skis, jet skis, yachts, canoes, kayaks—all provide hours of fun and excitement. But did you know that just like a car, you are expected to have insurance coverage for your boats and personal watercraft? Continue Reading →

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