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Nurturing Optimism

What does a successful 2019 look like to you? 

Hopefulness and its cousin, motivation, both start with optimism. Optimistic people lead themselves by constantly finding encouragement within themselves and their surroundings. They treat themselves with the kindness you would treat someone you were responsible for. Here are 5 quick tips to get you on your way:

We are trying to train our brain to be more optimistic. Let’s get started.

  1. Switch your thinking from problems to solutions. It’s our inherent nature to scope out problems – an old survival mechanism – but this year we’ll leave that in the past and be more solution oriented.
  2. Pick out inspiring mentors or role models and use them as your mental coach. When facing difficult tasks, ask yourself the question “What would they do to solve this?”
  3. Meditate. I know, everyone says this. But the quiet time in your thoughts, even for 5 minutes, will open your mind to new solutions. Be specific in your meditation and visualize the success you want each day. Your mind will start looking for answers. 
  4. Set out a road map for success. You can change course, but goal setting is vital to achieving goals. Review what you’ve done well each day, as well as the challenges. Set up some perks for your significant “wins.” 
  5. Every brain needs good health habits. Sleep enough hours, eat well, exercise daily and drink water. 

Now get ready for your BEST YEAR EVER.

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