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Tenant Vandalism is on the Rise—What Can Landlords Do?

Dennis Myers will be the first to say life as a landlord it not all it’s cooked up to be. Over his last 20 years of experience of owning rentals in Orange County, he feels as everything is getting worse–tenants aren’t respecting properties, rent payments, or landlords. He says what people don’t realize when they begin renting out properties, is that they are in a “position of weakness, with no advantage whatsoever.” The tenant has the advantage. They can avoid payments, wreak havoc on your property, and you can only invest in a good lawyer who can eventually bring them to court. Either way, it ends in you being out thousands of dollars.

Myers had a recent example in mind: Continue Reading →

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Damaged Windshield: Repair or Replace?

Broken and Shattered Windshield Pane

Is it just you or has that tiny chip in your windshield grown into a crack which has fingers reaching all the way over to the driver’s side? No, it’s not just you– chips from pebbles, sand, and other sources of impact can become big problems within no time. The windshield is a part of a car’s entire structural support, so damages need to be taken seriously. But when do we replace the windshield, and when do we repair it? Continue Reading →

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Spring Clean Your Yard

house and yard

Not that California is exactly coming out of a long and hard six month winter, but we have had our share of storms and wear on the yard and the house. With spring come the months of entertaining and playing outdoors, a sun that exposes more of the wear and tear, and of course, spring cleaning. Did you take our holiday hint and give yourself the gift of renovation? Here’s the next step– sprucing up the yard. Continue Reading →

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Insurance for Valentine’s Day Gifts

ruby red hearts

Did you find the perfect diamond necklace? The beautiful tennis bracelet that they’ve been aching for, the Rolex watch that you know is just right? Before you run out of the shop and over to your Valentine’s Day date, make sure your gift is insured. The insurance is just the cherry on top of this gift, to preserve the gesture in case of loss, theft, or destruction. The steps are easy, and you’ll still make it to dinner on time– we promise. Here’s what you can do: Continue Reading →

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What Does a “Hit and Run Accident” Mean?

Hit and run accident damage

What’s called a “hit-and-run” accident can be more broadly defined than you might assume. It’s not just the dramatic hit-and-run like those in the movies (cue car chase and mystery driver who actually has personal motive to hit your vehicle). A hit-and-run accident can involve cars, pedestrians, or even other pieces of property. If you’ve ever walked into the parking lot and felt your stomach sink to your toes at the sight of the shiny new dent in the rear of your vehicle, you know it takes a lot to quell the anxieties that come along with a hit-and-run. As an anticipatory measure, take a look at your coverage as it extends to hit-and-runs. Here’s the quick overview of the two types of coverages you should investigate: Continue Reading →

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Flood Insurance with El Niño — Why You Need It


In our drought-plagued state, rain is something of a novelty; out come the coats, scarves and boots as we enthusiastically embrace the “winter season.” The ideal of rain aligns with scampering through puddles, the kids twirling under the droplets with umbrellas; curling up by the fire with a good book and a cup of coffee as the rain patters on the roof.

As lovely as these images are, El Niño brings another dimension to the winter months of December and January. Southern California hasn’t experienced El Niño since 1997; the conditions of which led to more than $30 billion in damages worldwide. This El Niño in particular is forecasted to feature the strongest storms ever recorded. Continue Reading →

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Water, Fire and Mold Damage: When to Call the Professionals


It’s something we all dread hearing—the sound of water running when you haven’t turned anything on. No one’s taking a shower. There’s no laundry load in the wash. So what is making that noise? And your worst fears are confirmed—you have a slab leak, a burst pipe or a overenthusiastic diswasher that has flooded your kitchen.

A water leak or flood can be devastating to the contents of your home or business. But sadly, the damage doesn’t end there. If you don’t get the property cleaned properly, you’re likely to have mold. And mold remediation is usually three times more expensive than water damage clean up. And, with all the wildfires in California right now, fire damage is a very real and terrifying possibility. Continue Reading →

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Airbnb Rental?


The last thing a parent with a child abroad wants is to be powerless and ineffective if that son or daughter is in danger. Madrid was another check off the bucket list for 19 year-old Jacob Lopez, whose home for the duration of his visit was an Airbnb rental. Innocuous enough, the posting gave no hint that his host would lock him in a room and sexually assault him. Jacob frantically sent messages to his mother as he attempted to find an escape route. His mother, an ocean away, contacted Airbnb, who refused to provide her with the address or information of the Madrid host, told her to have the Madrid police call Airbnb for the information. Phone calls to the police were repeatedly disconnected, and Airbnb was no longer picking up the phone. Jacob, fearing for his life, was eventually was able to persuade his captor to release him—but not before the damage was already done. Continue Reading →

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Termites Might Not Be Your Only Home Invaders


If you’re getting your house tented to rid it of termites, those little critters might not be the only invaders you need to be cautious of. Burglars throughout California are now targeting homes that are being tented for fumigation. You may think that you’re doing the safe thing in protecting your family from termites and the toxic fumes, but you are also leaving your home and all of the possessions inside exposed and at risk.

Many homes throughout Southern California are being broken into while the owners are out during fumigation for insects and other pests. The giant tents that are placed on these homes are used as a warning to keep others out and away from the dangerous chemicals, but they are quickly becoming an invitation for burglars to come on in. When a burglar sees this tent they know that the building will be unoccupied several days and your home instantly becomes an easy target. Thieves are aware that these homes are left unprotected. Continue Reading →

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Does a House Party Need Insurance Coverage?


As the rest of the country is in a deep freeze, here in sunny Southern California the days are still warm enough to entertain the thought of entertaining. A nice Saturday afternoon get-together in the back yard, a party for upcoming March Madness or even St. Patrick’s Day. A son or daughter’s 18th birthday party.

These are all great ideas, and we’re all for entertaining at home—especially if you have someone else do the cleaning up. But if you are thinking of having a party, especially one with alcohol, it’s important to at least consider event insurance. Continue Reading →

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