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Don’t Let Your Christmas Tree Ruin the Holidays

Christmas trees are beautiful, and such a symbol of the holidays. Bright lights, ornaments from years past, and gifts gathered underneath. But they can also be deadly—a tree and gifts can catch fire in as little as 60 seconds, and completely burn within 10 minutes, thanks to the combination of the tree’s dryness, electrical lighting malfunctions, and heating sources in the wrong places. This usually happens while the family is asleep, making smoke detectors even more essential. $13 million—that’s how much property damage costs Christmas trees create annually!

But still, how can you resist a live tree? If you have to have one, please follow these safety precautions at all times to keep your family, guests and friends safe: Continue Reading →

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Shopping Safely in Stores During the Holiday Season

Last week we talked about staying safe online, and in that time Marriott hotel group announced a security breach. That should be another warning that our online information is not always safe! But we can’t forget about the dangers of shopping in brick-and-mortar retail shops, either. We don’t want to be all doom and gloom about the world, but unfortunately, there are people who prey on others for their own gain, and it’s smart to be prepared. Continue Reading →

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Stay Safe During Holiday Online Shopping

Black Friday has passed, but there are still online shopping deals to be had between now and the holidays, whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas—or just exchanging gifts with loved ones.

But nothing ruins the perfect shopping trip online than your identity being stolen and having to make all those calls to replace your credit cards and try to restore your credit. How can you avoid that happening? Here are our tips for safe online shopping! Check back next week for our tips on brick and mortar shopping. (Yes, people still go to stores.) Continue Reading →

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Electric Scooters: Eco-friendly or Dangerous?

If you’ve been hearing about cities adopting these electric scooter programs, where people can rent a scooter, get to their destination and just leave them, you might think they’re a good idea. As with all good ideas, there can be a downside.

For instance, nine people have filed a class-action suit against two electric scooter companies: Bird Rides, Inc. and Lime, and their manufacturers, Xiaomi Corp. and Segway Inc. Each of the nine people were injured by electric scooters, and are suing the companies for gross negligence, claiming the companies knew their products were dangerous and allowed them to be used in a way that made injuries inevitable. Continue Reading →

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How To Stay Safe This Halloween

If we’re all honest, we get as excited about Halloween as our kids do. And while we have to be safe while attending (and getting to and from) our festive parties, we also have to be responsible for our kids: choosing costumes, trick or treating, and parties.

Try to review these with your kids before they hit the streets, ideally a few days before. Let’s face it: once they pick out their costume and see the candy in the stores, they’re not going to hear a thing you say. Especially because safety is boring in their minds, so read on for some good tips. Continue Reading →

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Don’t Rely On Driver Assist Systems, Says Insurance Institute


Earlier this month, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published a paper titled “Reality Check” after testing five of the electronic driver assist programs for Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo, both on a track and on public roads.

The result? “Cars and trucks with electronic driver assist systems may not see stopped vehicles and could even steer you into a crash if you’re not paying attention,” writes The Associated Press in an article on the Insurance Business website. Continue Reading →

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How to Avoid Tire Trouble

The trouble with tires is we sometimes won’t do any maintenance until they’re giving out underneath us on the freeway. We’ve all driven past someone with a flat and been thankful it wasn’t us–then comes the day where it is us. Here are some reasons we wind up with a flat tire:

  1. Puncture by a sharp object
  2. Failure or damage to the valve stem (the piece that sticks out from the tire that you unscrew when a tire needs air)
  3. Tread wear/rips
  4. Improper inflation

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What to Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen

You reach in your back pocket for your wallet– and it’s gone. With a sinking feeling, the first thing you might want to do is run from place to place in a panic. But if you take the following steps, you’ll save yourself, your bank account, and your identity a lot of trouble. Continue Reading →

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Check Your CO Detector Annually

New Year’s is a time of fresh beginnings. Start 2018 off as safe as possible in your home. Check your CO detectors, as winter is peak time for cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly. It emits from burning wood, kerosene, natural gas, and oil. As we warm and seal our homes in winter, the chances of CO exposure are high. Continue Reading →

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