Travel Safety for Your Cellphone

When do we ever leave our cellphones home? Oh that’s right—just when we forget. One place a cellphone is essential is when you’re on the road, whether for business or pleasure. And with the holiday season starting, you’ll want your cellphone on hand to take family snapshots, keep connected with relatives, check in for your […]

Visit Five Top National Parks in California

Why not take a page out of your parents’ guidebook to family trips? Don’t jump on a plane to Hawaii, pile in the car and drive to one of the many amazing national parks right here on our doorstep in the great state of California. Not only does a family that road-trips together stay together, […]

Museums for Kids in Orange County

In our community, we’re lucky that we don’t have to go far for experiences that people drive across the nation for. We have the beaches, the history, the museums, state parks, all within reach. For those of us with younger ones to entertain, it’s great to have so many options to get up and out […]

Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

American three-day weekend holidays can become a blur of celebrating this and that — but why do we really celebrate Memorial Day? When did it start and why is it always the last Monday in May? We’ve gathered up everything you need to truly celebrate properly, alongside the barbecues and beach days.

Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Tips

Thanksgiving conjures images of family and friends gathered around the table, pumpkin pies and the cranberry sauce which nobody touches, and sweaters and scarves ushering in the chilly weather. Not usually present in this holiday montage is the travel time to get to that table and family. According to AAA, 41,900,000 people will pack up […]

Be Careful at the Beach: Sharks in O.C. Waters

Southern California waters have always been an enticement to locals and tourists alike; the waves are soothing, welcoming and cooling, and promise peaceful hours of swimming and surfing. But there is more hesitation seeping into swimmers minds as they dip their toes into the tide. Shark attacks have become a controversial topic this summer. Shark […]

Top Tips for Child Car Seats

As an adult with a car, you’ve been used to getting in the car, jetting off to your destinations, with little to no time needed before setting off. With a little one (or ones!), it’s just not that simple. That cumbersome car seat is a crucial and lifesaving device for your child, and installment is […]

Top Tips for Terrific Thanksgiving Travel

Each holiday has their own unique personality: Christmas is generous and cheerful, and always smells like pine. Valentine may come off as too sappy to some, but act as cupid for others. Then there’s New Years and New Years Eve, the golden couple—full of aspirations and the life of the party. Thanksgiving is the warm […]

Thanksgiving Trivia: Did You Know?

Since Thanksgiving is less than a week away, we like to promote safety for our customers—actually, anyone who is celebrating this holiday that is so near and dear to the hearts of Americans. And since we’ve already talked about safety tips for driving (Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous days of the year to […]

Enjoy the Summer on One of the OC’s Best Beaches

Summers on the beach are a hallmark of the Southern California childhood.  Frolicking in the sand, squealing with delight at the icy and refreshing bite of the the waves, your SoCal kids will long take such summers as a given. Or, the grown-up Southern Californian will find the beach to still be a source of […]