What To Do in a Power Outage

Electricity runs a higher percentage of our lives than we can possibly imagine– everything from digital devices to garage doors. We can never be too prepared for a power outage. Here’s the rundown, what to do before, during, and after a power outage:

Spring Clean Your Yard

Not that California is exactly coming out of a long and hard six month winter, but we have had our share of storms and wear on the yard and the house. With spring come the months of entertaining and playing outdoors, a sun that exposes more of the wear and tear, and of course, spring […]

Flood Insurance with El Niño — Why You Need It

In our drought-plagued state, rain is something of a novelty; out come the coats, scarves and boots as we enthusiastically embrace the “winter season.” The ideal of rain aligns with scampering through puddles, the kids twirling under the droplets with umbrellas; curling up by the fire with a good book and a cup of coffee […]

What Do You Do If You Have Water Damage?

Few things make you feel more helpless than a disaster in your home. And when water comes gushing out from under your washing machine or toilet, it’s not always easy to think straight. We’re here to help you in all of these accidental and damaging incidents, and ideally before they happen so we can help […]

Big Waves and Rip Tides at Orange County Beaches

Tropical Storm Lowell is causing some serious swells to hit our Orange County and Los Angeles beaches this weekend. While surfers are certainly rejoicing, us mere mortal swimmers need to take care.