Charity Spotlight: Think Together

Over 20 years ago, a group of mothers decided they had had enough–enough of seeing the odds against the neighborhood kids, as they were drawn into gang violence, dropping out of school, and born into less than ideal situations.

That group of mothers, alongside community leaders, created the Shalimar Learning Center in Costa Mesa. Since then, they have grown into “Think Together,” a statewide program offering expanded learning sessions and school improvement through affiliations with local partners. Based in Santa Ana, they work in 8 counties, 49 school districts, have 525 programs, and work with 150,000 students.

Between 2005 and 2012, they won 16 awards, grants, and recurring donations for their work. Think Together provides support to students every step of the way: from early learning development, to after school support, college counseling, and summer programs. They work alongside Principal Exchange, a highly-trained group of educators who work with schools to find ways to make long-term change.

One of many success stories from Think Together is high school senior Lissette. Lissette found a positive, safe environment in which to thrive with Think Together. She planned every day for her future. She has already made headway with her dreams; she was already admitted to her dream school, Cal Poly Pomona, where she will major in Criminology.

As shown by the name, Think Together is all about joining ranks to support our youth. Whether an employee, volunteer, or ambassador, you can make your mark through Think Together. As a volunteer, assist at a program site, tutor, or join young ones in a reading hour. To be an ambassador, all you need is passion for their cause. Ambassadors find ways to promote the Think Together mission to the greater community. Post to your social media, share this blog post, or hold a community fundraiser for Think Together.

Lets all “think together” about how we can help this impactful organization continue to support our local youth. Thank you, Think Together, for all you do and will do!

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