Consumers Have the Right to Ask for a U.S. Call Center Representative


Finding answers become easier and easier as society progresses further into the “Information Age”. Our experience with technology’s maximized efficiency and instant results fosters within us an expectation of the same processes in our human interactions. In most cases, 800 numbers hardly guarantee such an interaction– usually leading to circular communication between members of this and that office and all sorts of red tape to trip over. Typically one pulls these numbers out to address an issue under both time and convenience restraints. When seeking answers about your insurance policy and all that falls under its umbrella, and personal property and coverage is on the line, you don’t want to be running into roadblocks.

Many companies outsource the representatives of their call centers from foreign countries. The cost of labor is far less expensive than running call centers in the U.S., and usually works fine for basic questions. But consider this: Representatives on the other side of the line in another country will potentially have only basic training in the expertise of the company with which they work. They have no personal knowledge of, or connection to, the customer and their circumstances; though perfectly capable, foreign call centers are limited in their ability to efficiently and empathetically provide answers and service.

As a customer, you do have the right to politely ask for a representative in the U.S. If told to wait for their manager to get on the line, ask once more. Most companies require their employees to transfer the call when asked.

Though this is not in federal law, most companies have strictly adhered to procedures in place. Legislation has come up in various places, such as Pennsylvania. None of the proposals, however, have even gotten to voters. Other acts regarding outsourcing all call-center personnel have arisen, but with little to no success.

With BMR Insurance, you will always reach a local representative—one right here in our office!!—and one with whom you will form a personal connection. We don’t underestimate the value of personalized service and assistance. Call us today at 714.838.1911 for a quote or to answer any questions you may have about your policy.

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