Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning This Summer

One of the big draws of life in California is the beautiful, sunny weather. But sometimes, it gets really hot. Too hot. Especially if you’re not near the coast, it can get unbearable in a heat wave.

Many homes in Southern California, particularly those in beach cities or older, historic homes, do not have air conditioning. And most of the year, we don’t mind! But when the sun is bearing down and there’s no switch to flip to cool your home, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Close your blinds: Windows are wonderful things, but when they let in light, they’re also heating the house up. Great on a cold day, but on a hot day? Shut the blinds in the morning to keep the house cool by up to 20 degrees. It will also save you up to 7% on bills, so what’s stopping you? If you want to really go for it, get blackout curtains, and you can cool the house by 33 degrees.
  2. Close the door: If you don’t use select rooms in your house, keep the doors shut so the cool air stays in the areas of the house you do use.
  3. Supercharge your fan: Here’s a tried and true tip. Place a mixing bowl with ice or an ice pack and set it in front of your fan. Presto magic! A delightfully cool breeze.
  4. Change your sheets: Take off the cozy flannel sheets and put on some cotton ones, as cotton breathes easier and stays cooler.
  5. Body heat: Try cooling yourself rather than the house. Sip iced drinks, or place a bowl of cool water next to the bed and dip your feet during the night if you get warm. Wet a cloth and, after letting it rest in the fridge, apply it to pulse points like your neck and wrists. People survived without AC for centuries; so can you.
  6. Turn your fans around: Ceiling fans need to be adjusted depending on the season. Set them to run counter-clockwise in the summer and at a higher speed, and you’ll feel cooler.
  7. Cook outside: This might sound obvious, but it’s California, so if you don’t have a grill, there’s something wrong. If you do have a grill, use it instead of the stove and oven. You’ll find out there’s tons of ways to use your grill you never even thought possible, and your house will stay cooler for not turning the oven on to 350 degrees.
  8. Open the windows: Most places, including SoCal, get cooler at night. So make the most of it and open up the windows to let that breeze blow through. If you’re worried about someone coming in during the night uninvited, talk to us about security measures. Or go to the humane society and adopt a furry “security guard”. You’ll get a new best friend and a guard dog.

What’s your favorite way to keep cool during the summer? Did you have air conditioning installed, and loved your contractor? Let us know in the comments!

Have a great summer, and if you have any questions about insurance, give us a call: 714-838-1911


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