Do You Have a Broken Sewer Line?

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: sewer water flooding from toilets across the floor. It’s not just water damage, it’s water damage of the worst kind. While not always preventable, there are signs that you may have a clogged or broken sewer pipe, and if you notice these items, do not delay in getting a sewer drain expert to your home immediately.

  • Odor: You should never have a stinky drain. If your drains smell like a sewer, you should call an inspector to check the line as soon as possible.
  • Slow drains: Does your sink, toilet, shower or tub drain slowly? That could mean a blockage in one of the sewer pipes. If you have more than one plumbed fixture that drains slowly, it could be due to a sewer line that has broken due to the ground settling around your home. It could also be due to tree roots have broken into the sewer line and are constricting the pipe’s flow.
  • Clogs: A clog in the pipe to one fixture will only affect that fixture and not spread to the entire system. But if more than one drain is clogging and spreading sewage onto your floors, this indicates a broken sewer line. If unclogging your drains does not fix the problem, it’s time to call a professional.
  • Green lawn: Is there one part of your lawn or landscaping that is particularly lush and green, while other areas are declining? While the sewage is a very good fertilizer for your plants, it’s not recommended for actual irrigation and could indicate a broken or leaking sewage line.
  • Infestation: Have you noticed an increase in rats or insect activity around your home? Rats thrive in sewers, and many rats and insects can squeeze through small cracks in your sewage lines and make it into your home. What’s worse than sewage in your home? Having sewage, rats, and insects in your home. Call a plumber and an exterminator immediately.
  • Mold: If you see dark spots on your home’s ceilings, walls, or floors, this is a bad sign. This means that the water damage has turned into mold damage. Mold remediation is usually three times more expensive than water damage remediation, so do not delay in getting a specialist out to fix your pipes and start cleaning the mold damage.

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover broken or clogged pipes? It depends on your coverage and what caused the problem. In California, earthquakes can cause pipes to crack or break, and older housing tracts can have pipes that break due to age. Don’t forget we’re here for you if you have questions about your policy or coverage: Call us at 714-838-1911 or send us an email: Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest and best information and advice on all insurance matters.

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