Easy Tips for Holiday Entertaining

New Year's Eve Party

Every year, holiday entertaining brings along both old and new traditions. It might be difficult to find the balance, so this year might be the year to spruce up your decorations. Those Pinterest boards and DIY (do-it-yourself) miracles can be discouraging when they don’t quite turn out like the photos…but our easy tips are actually doable DIYs, and sure to add a new shine to your New Year’s holiday party.

  • If we start with the big picture: choose a color palette (about 3 colors) and stick to it while decorating. It gives your home the professionally decorated feel, and is much easier to shop for.
  • For the table centerpieces, skip the flowers and get creative with holiday themes, of which there are endless options: winter wonderlands of artificial snow and miniature pine trees, festive villages, or snowmen. Or, make everything on the table edible, and build a gingerbread village.
  • Candles are a classic, but if children and pets are around, forgo the wax and wick candles for a battery-powered candle. You can find scented battery-powered candles now, so you won’t lose the spicy winter scents.
  • If kids and pets aren’t around, you can go even further with candles. Instead of a warm, crackling fire that ends up in people peeling off their sweaters in tropical heat, put candles in the fireplace, for the same cozy effect.
  • Turn New Year’s resolutions into a game: print out cards with space for guests to fill in their light hearted resolutions, and then gather them together to read out loud, to see who can guess who’s is whose!
  • Keep the food coming; meats, cheese, and cold and warm hors d’oeuvres. And if you’re too wiped out after the Christmas craze, head to the store for bulk size appetizers– nobody will be the wiser! Or, make it a potluck, where everyone brings their own dish!

Any further ideas for your New Year’s holiday entertaining? Share them with us here! Happy New Year from BMR Insurance! Call us anytime at 714-838-1911.
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