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Sometimes it seems like we don’t even notice the years passing, as the kids are suddenly graduating, or you’ve somehow already reached your 25th wedding anniversary. Your home travels with you through millions of milestones, and quite often has already been through a lifetime of milestones with somebody else. If you feel like you’ve suddenly realized your home is not quite the young thing it used to be, but don’t have the funds or the desire to do a full-blown renovation, we have some renovation ideas for you that are bound to make your home feel fresh and young again, without draining your bank account.

  1. Our first idea is not so original: declutter and clean. Clearing out the piles and cleaning those easily-forgotten and hard to reach spots can remove years from your home. Remember the last time you did that spring cleaning? Spring cleaning is actually a good thing, along with all its symbolism of rebirth and fresh starts. Free, and doable in a weekend? Sounds like the perfect renovation to us!
  2. Have you really taken a good look at the paint on your walls lately? Is it really the same color as it used to be? Did it always have those smudges and paint chips? Repainting is a low cost and sometimes even fun way to reboot your home interior or exterior. Daunted by the color palette and it’s names like “eggshell” and “vermouth”? Better Homes and Gardens encourages home painters to lay aside their pride and ask the professionals at your local hardware store. Come prepared with some photos of the color scheme you might like, and they’ll be happy to help!
  3. Light fixtures are just as much a piece of furniture as a couch; you want them to be functional and fashionable. If you take a half day to re-outfit the light fixtures in your home, you might be surprised to find that the stuffy, shadowed living room is suddenly a airy and welcoming retreat.
  4. Your bathroom is probably one of the most frequently used rooms in the house– we brush our teeth, shower, and go through our general hygiene multiple times a day. So why not make it a more pleasant atmosphere? For an easy renovation, consider re-caulking areas around the sink and toilet, to get rid of grimy build-up. If you want to go further, and it’s still within the budget, a new sink and toilet might be just what your home needs! (For this work, call a professional. It’s a quick enough job, but not an easy one.)
  5. The kitchen has always been a place of warm smells, friends and family, and constantly in use in our daily rush of activities and meals. When, in the middle of this rush, a cabinet sticks, or a handle breaks, it’s just one more thing to add to the list. The aesthetic as well as the utility of your kitchen can be easily and noticeably improved with the addition of new cabinets, knobs, and countertops, all the while staying within a budget.

Feel inspired yet? Do you have any other low-budget and easy renovation tips to share? Comment below or share on our Facebook page. If you have questions about your home insurance in your renovation process, don’t hesitate to call BMR Insurance at 714-838-1911 for a free quote. Good luck renovating!

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