How To Host the Best Fourth of July Barbecue

Summer is finally here, and so is that wonderful, patriotic holiday that we all love to celebrate. Yes, get out the red, white, and blue bunting, raise the stars and stripes, and clean the barbecue. That’s right–it’s the Fourth of July, and we’re getting ready to ‘cue.

Nervous about hosting an Independence Day feast for friends? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with six tips that will ensure you have a party free from failure and full of fun.

  • Tip one: Keep it simple. Unless your friends are total foodies (in which case, bust out the Bon Appetit grilling recipes and have at it) and even if they are, you’re probably going to have a bunch of kids. And kids don’t want your trendy lamb burgers, they’re going to want hot dogs and a great American burger. With ketchup. Maybe go crazy with some ribs for the adults, and if you’re here in California, tri tip is always a summer grilling favorite. The best sides are a macaroni or potato salad (please keep it out of the sun and heat if you’re using mayonnaise dressing), green salad (c’mon, you need *something* healthy!), and corn on the cob. Throw some baked beans in there too, to round out a lovely meal.
  • Tip two: Keep costs down. Look at your guest list. Yep, that’s going to cost a pretty penny, even if you head to Costco. So why not ask everyone to bring something? You don’t need to make a spreadsheet or anything, just ask each guest or member of a family to bring a side dish, some beverages, chips and dip, or a dessert. BYOB is pretty standard for a barbecue, so don’t be afraid to ask for at least that much.
  • Tip three: Make it pretty. Were you wondering what we meant when we mentioned “bunting” in the first paragraph? It’s those half-circle fabric swags that people hang on their houses for Fourth of July or other holidays. You don’t have to go that far, but at least head to the party store or Michael’s for some themed paper plates, napkins, straws, etc. Paper plates are an excellent way to cut down on cleanup. If you want to go crazy, get some balloons or a stars-and-stripes tablecloth.
  • Tip four: Make it fun. Standing around watching someone barbecue is not entertainment. And you’re going to want to keep any and all kids occupied. When you’re at the party store, look for water or bubble guns for the kids and perhaps a trivia game for the adults. You could create a scavenger hunt in the yard for the kids, and set up a stereo for music. Have a pool? Then you’re all set! But make sure to read our pool safety tips.
  • Tip five: Make it themed. If you love a historical drama or reenactment, then the Fourth of July is a great holiday for you. Why not do some research and plan some activities to share some cool facts about the birth of our country? Like how the Declaration of Independence was actually signed on July 2, 1776, and what the Boston Tea Party was really all about. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t really a tea party.)
  • Tip six: Location, location, location. Can you see the fireworks display from your house? Then maybe you should plan ahead and book a spot at your local park with a view of the big event. Or, if you want to barbecue at your house and then move to a spot for fireworks viewing, make sure to plan ahead and leave on time. And, not to be a big downer, but make sure there are designated drivers, and if you’re walking, stay on the sidewalks and out of traffic. Even if you’re not drinking, someone else might be. If you’re planning your own fireworks display, first of all, make sure that’s legal in your area, and if it is, please be safe.

“God bless America, home of the brave!” Oh, and don’t forget your pets. If you’re going to be out watching fireworks, make sure they are inside, in a safe area of the home, and play some music to drown out the noise of the fireworks. Have a wonderful holiday!

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