How To Stay Safe This Halloween

If we’re all honest, we get as excited about Halloween as our kids do. And while we have to be safe while attending (and getting to and from) our festive parties, we also have to be responsible for our kids: choosing costumes, trick or treating, and parties.

Try to review these with your kids before they hit the streets, ideally a few days before. Let’s face it: once they pick out their costume and see the candy in the stores, they’re not going to hear a thing you say. Especially because safety is boring in their minds, so read on for some good tips.

Out on the Trick or Treating circuit:

  • Be extra careful when obeying traffic laws. Cross streets safely at the corners, using crosswalks and traffic signals where possible.
  • Drivers are distracted at the best of times, but Halloween night let’s factor in drivers having possibly had a drink or be distracted by home Halloween decorations. Look several times before crossing, and stay aware while crossing.
  • Make sure no one has their mobile device out while crossing the street. Wait until you’ve crossed the street to look at the device for directions to ensure safety.
  • Tell children to make sure they make eye contact with drivers before they cross. Adding a wave to see if the driver waves back is a good idea also.
  • On sidewalks, make sure to walk facing traffic and stay as far to the left as possible.
  • Don’t forget about cars that are turning or backing out of streets, driveways and parking lots, as reverse and brake lights are harder to see than headlights.
  • Remind children to not run across the street or step out on to the street between parked cars, and be a good example by not doing this yourself.
  • Kids under the age of 12 shouldn’t trick or treat alone, and with teens suggest a house party instead of the tour. (Frankly, they’re a bit old for it!)
  • Neighborhoods are full of “haunted houses” at Halloween, but that should still stop a child from entering the house of a stranger. Also, they should never get into a car with a stranger.

Costume tips:

  • Face paint is a better choice than a mask. Masks can obstruct vision while out trick or treating.
  • Have a budding Darth Vader or a classic witch-in-training? Make sure to sew on some reflective tape to the dark costume before letting them out to trick or treat. Add reflective stickers to trick-or-treat bags too.
  • Glow sticks or flashlights are fun for kids, but are also great for lighting their way and making them more visible to drivers and other trick or treaters.
  • Have a child going as Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman or other superhero with a cape? Make sure it’s not too long, as it becomes a tripping hazard.
  • Ensure that costume accessories, like fairy wands, swords or light sabers, are short, soft and flexible.

There’s still plenty of time before Halloween to incorporate these tips into your holiday experience. Be safe, but still have fun! And don’t forget about your furry friends during the Halloween season—read this blog post for a pet-friendly Halloween.

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