Insurance for Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Did you find the perfect diamond necklace? The beautiful tennis bracelet that they’ve been aching for, the Rolex watch that you know is just right? Before you run out of the shop and over to your Valentine’s Day date, make sure your gift is insured. The insurance is just the cherry on top of this gift, to preserve the gesture in case of loss, theft, or destruction. The steps are easy, and you’ll still make it to dinner on time– we promise. Here’s what you can do:

  • Most likely, the store or manufacturer offers a warranty or guarantee of its own. BUT, don’t let this pass as insurance. These are great– so long as the store is in business, and you bring in the jewelry for frequent checks and upkeep. If the jewelry is lost or stolen– you’re out of luck. That’s where insurance comes in, with wider and more flexible coverage for your valuables.
  • Find a great deal? That’s great, but make sure to insure the piece for it’s full value, in the event that you have to replace it later. To do so, get the piece appraised. Often, your jeweler will do it for free. You should have it appraised regardless, to help you and your insurance agent fix the right insurance price.
  • Have a folder of photos, receipts, certificates, appraisals, and serial numbers on hand. This folder will save you a lot of hassle in the process of insuring, and in the event that the item is lost or stolen.
  • Talk to your agent about customizing your insurance– the coverage for a watch might be different from that of a diamond necklace or ring.

Now that the gift insurance is taken care of, enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and the extra time with your loved ones. Call BMR Insurance at 714-838-1911, and we’ll be happy to guide you in all insurance needs and provide a free quote. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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