Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Dinner Too

Whether hosting a family of 5 or a gathering of 50, Thanksgiving dinner requires plenty of planning and a lot of time. It can be hard to do it all and enjoy the festivities yourself. One of the ways you can transform your Turkey Day dinner into a successful and enjoyable affair is to sign off tasks to your best little helpers: the kids.

Kids of any age can help out, and both you and they will find the holiday to be more memorable and meaningful.

Age 5 and Under

Even the littlest ones can do their part.

  • Stone Soup: Start dinner with a reading of Stone Soup and have each child contribute a piece of the meal to the table– they will all feel like they’ve played a part!
  • Wishbone (Hershey kiss style): Hide a Hershey’s Kiss somewhere in the meal. The one who finds it gets chocolate and a wish!
  • Washing and Mashing: Keep the kids hands busy in the kitchen: they can wash vegetables or go to town mashing potatoes.
  • Set the Table: Thanksgiving decor can be found out in the yard– have the kids style the table with leaves, rocks, or homemade hand-turkey name tags.

Age 6-9

  • Little Chefs: Who knows? Maybe you’ve got a blossoming chef on your hands. Give the kids artistic license with some of the recipes– create a corn flake mixture for a sweet potato casserole topping, or use chocolate chips instead.
  • Musical Chairs: If you’re having a small enough gathering, have the kids create a seating chart– for each course. Give them a task and get your guests to switch up their seating.

Age 10-12

  • Checklists: Give the kids the sense that they helped in an important way: involve them from the beginning in the planning and grocery shopping process.
  • Create a scavenger hunt: place the ingredients you need, plus some you don’t, on a table. Hand over the recipe and have the kids find all the ingredients.
  • Kids looking to be in the spotlight? Have dinner and show featuring the little ones! Guests will love it, and the planning they put into the show will keep them plenty busy.

Age 13 and older

  • Turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a business venture: give the older ones a “catering job”. How would they run the dinner? How can they most efficiently set the table and which recipes will be chosen? Have them set the ambience for the night and choose the theme and decorations.

How will your kids get involved this Thanksgiving? Share with us in the comments below! Happy Thanksgiving from BMR Insurance! Call us today at 714-838-1911 for a free quote.


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