Swimming Pools: Be Aware, and Insured

SunKing Decorative Pool Safety Gate

The quintessential Southern California summer weather has arrived, and you know what that means— hosting weekly family get-togethers and barbeques with your friends. All you need is a platter of tri-tip steak, some good music, a crowd of good company, all centered around your swimming pool yard, and you are set.  But before you and your friends dive in, don’t forget about your insurance!  Did you know that something that sounds as benign as a swimming pool could actually pose as a huge liability threat?  It only takes one trip to the kitchen to grab extra lemonade, and in that time your neighbor’s child could have fallen into the pool.  These situations are not only life-threatening, but can also set off serious legal and financial ramifications if you do not have the right insurance policy. Continue Reading →

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Remember to Vote on Proposition 17

Help BMR Insurance spread the word about Proposition 17, the Continuous Coverage Auto Insurance Discount Act!  Proposition 17 aims to extend continuous coverage loyalty discounts for responsible drivers, even if they decide to switch insurance companies. Proposition 17 will be on California’s June 8th ballot, and it needs all of voter support it can get.

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The 30 Minute Insurance Makeover: Get Yours Now. It’s Free!

Have you ever thought about giving your insurance a makeover?  Many people treat their house, their car and themselves to a makeover, but forget about the things like insurance that can make the biggest difference if an accident happens.

It’s crucial to have an adequate insurance plan to fit your life, yet statistics show that most people are not properly insured. Often people will neglect to change their insurance coverage when their life changes—a baby, a new boat or even a home remodel can affect your coverage needs.  If you can take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule, BMR Insurance can overhaul your insurance coverage and get it in great shape.  Best of all, you won’t have to do any of the work—BMR Insurance will provide you with a free comprehensive consultation to makeover your insurance policy. Continue Reading →

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