OC Charity Spotlight: Breast Cancer Angels

Within the communities of San Diego, Long Beach and our own Orange County, Breast Cancer Angels are behind the scenes, acting as providers of financial and emotional support to women (and men) fighting breast cancer. Breast Cancer Angels is an independent, non profit 501(c)3 organization. Corporate sponsors pay all overhead costs, allowing 100% of donations to go directly into their programs.

One woman assisted by Breast Cancer Angels, Nadia, 32, from San Diego, was young when diagnosed. She has children to support but is unable to work. The organization helps her with food, gas, medical, and childcare costs. Everyone’s lives have been touched in some way by breast cancer, and Breast Cancer Angels work to provide direct support to families.

Donations and funds raised have a wide range of impact. On average, a household receives $250 in gift cards a month for food. Housing needs, which include in-home medical treatments for women are covered up to $500 a month. Funds for children’s needs, including clothing, are higher for back-to-school fall expenses, and Christmas presents. Medical co-pays are only provided as needed, to avoid insurance loss mid-treatment.

The cost of maintaining a single household for a single month reach thousands of dollars. The Breast Cancer Angels work to keep up donations year round, and offer ways to raise funds.

How can you help? All funds are circulated regionally, so you will be helping your neighbors!

  • Angel Parties: What better reason to throw a party than to help families in your neighborhood?
  • Company Events: if a big company event is around the corner, suggest colleagues or employees celebrate by donating to Breast Cancer Angels
  • Birthday Parties: Have a birthday coming up? Ask for donations to Breast Cancer Angles instead of gifts
  • Donate here online to join the Angel Club

Do you have more ideas of how you can contribute to the work of the Breast Cancer Angels? Share with us below! We at BMR Insurance are proud to be able to showcase another one of the many charity organizations working to better and help our community.

As always, call us at 714-838-1911 with any questions, we are here to help!

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