Replace Your Lawn and Reduce Your Water Bill

Kangaroo paw is an Australian plant that is as beautiful as it is water-wise.

Kangaroo paw is an Australian plant that is as beautiful as it is water-wise.

California has given new meaning to the word “drought”. The worst drought in the state’s recorded history has California residents scrambling to actively conserve water, and water suppliers working to align with Governor Jerry Brown’s orders to cut usage 25%. From dropping shade balls into the Los Angeles Reservoir, to passive campaigns for conservation throughout restrooms and public spaces, the state is stretching its resources into every corner in an attempt to curb the devastating effects of the drought.

A major percentage of these efforts funnel into residential landscaping: Landscape irrigation accounts for one-third of residential water use nationwide (about nine billion gallons per day!). Over the years, we have seen the once immaculate and water-greedy green lawns wither to a crisp brown, or artificial grass fill in the empty spaces. Homeowners now are turning more and more to alternative landscaping.

But, these alternatives don’t have to mean losing the quality or beauty of your landscape. Some routes available to those seeking a new lawn include:

  • Groundcover: this could include rocks, mulch, crushed shells, or sand. Most of these options may be locally sourced, and will prevent weeds and reduce erosion after your lawn is removed.
  • Native Plants: These plants require little water, and lots of sunshine– which we have in excess. Native plant landscaping will provide a habitat for local wildlife, and potentially give homeowners a “wildlife friendly” designation from their state.
  • Drought tolerant grasses and shrubs:

These options may be intimidating to take on alone: where do you start? If the DIY project of ripping out and replacing your own lawn is too much, consider approaching companies such as Turf Terminators. They, and other such companies, will do the work for you. And if the drought isn’t incentive enough, the state and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offer a rebate of $2 for every square foot of lawn replaced. Turf Terminators runs the majority of their business and profit off of rebates; their clients release their right to the rebate, which Turf Terminators credit to their lawn replacement. The program funds are currently exhausted because of the popularity of the incentive, but certain areas are still funded and available. Visit the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California here to find out if you can utilize this offer.

California residents have already made great strides in water conservation, but the state is still drying out at unprecedented rates. BMR Insurance recognizes the important role residents are playing in the actions taken during the drought. Whether you take on this home improvement project yourself, or find a professional, BMR Insurance is here to advise and cover your insurance needs. Call us for a free quote at 714-838-1911.

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