Small Business Owners Want Insurance Agents Who Listen


J.D. Power & Associates just released the findings of their 2013 study, and it’s something that we at BMR Insurance have known for some time. It’s actually pretty obvious: Customer satisfaction of insurance agents is higher with small business owners when the agent understands their business and provides guidance in regards to risk.

Isn’t that our job? We certainly think so, and BMR Insurance’s agents have been doing just that for over 44 years. We take great pleasure in helping small business owners get started, and our part is to explain what coverage they need to mitigate any risk. How can we do that without understanding their business? A construction company will have different insurance needs than a marketing firm, for instance, and we do not recommend a blanket insurance policy for any business.

We’re happy to see that the J.D. Power report shows that the main reason that small business customers select an insurer is because of policy offerings, not price. This is why BMR Insurance Agency is an independent broker. We can offer small businesses (and residents, homeowners and drivers of all ages) a variety of insurance options from different companies, not just the one that has their name on the door.

We also would like to point out that the study specifically points out that face-to-face contact with customers is a big selling point with small businesses, especially those with 11-50 employees. We always encourage our clients to stop by our offices to discuss policy changes, upgrades or options.

Jeremy Bowler, senior director of the insurance practice at J.D. Power, says: “Those small business customers who have regular face-to-face contact with their insurance agents are more likely to understand their coverage, its value and the reason for a price adjustment should one occur. These customers are more likely to be satisfied and loyal to the insurance brand than those who don’t have regular in-person interactions.” Thank you, Mr. Bowler. We feel the same way!

We’re a small business that understands small businesses—their needs, their ups and downs and their goals. Is your current insurance company a faceless entity? Give BMR Insurance a call. It costs nothing to have us review your policy, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. What’s worse than finding out your business isn’t covered for something? Knowing that your insurance company didn’t recommend the right insurance. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you—call BMR Insurance Agency now. 714-838-1911

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