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Not that California is exactly coming out of a long and hard six month winter, but we have had our share of storms and wear on the yard and the house. With spring come the months of entertaining and playing outdoors, a sun that exposes more of the wear and tear, and of course, spring cleaning. Did you take our holiday hint and give yourself the gift of renovation? Here’s the next step– sprucing up the yard.

  1. Start with the aesthetic: window boxes. Nothing says springtime charm like windows framed by fresh flowers. Look for a box a few inches shorter than the width of the window, and plant a dynamic variety of flowers in pots.
  2. If you frequently entertain in the backyard, clean your deck before the guests come by– it probably has a host of spiders and dirt collected over a winter of disuse. Fix any loose handrails which pose a hazard, especially to younger guests.
  3. Winter has blown in mud, rain, and slush– all over your carpets. They’ll feel brand new with a good cleaning. Don’t feel like calling in a carpet cleaner? Use one of these DIY carpet cleaning tricks.
  4. Garden tools rusty and dull? To prevent that from becoming your excuse against yard work this summer, clean and sharpen tools, replace loose handles, tighten loose bolts, and test the garden hose for leaks.
  5. Lawn mowers should be treated like a vehicle, with regular maintenance checks. Change out the spark plug, air filter, and replace the oil to leave it in top condition for spring and summer lawn mowings.
  6. Winter light just doesn’t expose paint jobs like the brighter spring and summer sun. Touch up your wall paint for an immediate like-new atmosphere.
  7. Order your seeds now to start planting in the coming months. Some vendors will even save you the hassle of storage and delay delivery until the time is right for planting.
  8. Check your soil pH before you plant those new seeds– find a pH sample kit in any home and hardware store, then test multiple places around the property, as levels differ from area to area. Then, you’re better prepared to plan for fertilizer and other soil amendments.
  9. Add fresh mulch to your yard, and you’ll suddenly have a model-worthy landscape. Not sure how to mulch? Learn here.
  10. Who knows how much is hidden away in lost nooks and crannies of your garage? Organize and clean your garage, find new old treasures, and make accessible your summer recreational items like bikes, scooters, and surfboards.

Each one of these steps takes little to no time, but can make a word of difference in the look and feel of your yard, as well as prepare your home for a relaxed and enjoyable spring and summer. Spring is in the air– how do you know spring is coming? Share with us in the comments below! As always, call BMR Insurance at (714) 838-1911 for a free quote, or with any questions about your home, auto, or business insurance.

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