Spring Into Energy Efficiency

The temperature outside is slowly making its way toward summer highs. Before it  reaches the peak of the season, we want you to know about the many ways you can make your home into an energy efficient home. Just these few easy ways to go greener will help the environment, your energy bills, and keep you in comfort in hot weather!


  • Adjust thermostat once and leave it – Once your house is at a cool temperature, set the thermostat to about 78 F and let it be–the more you change it throughout the day, the more energy used.
  • Check equipment – It may have been a while since your AC was turned on. Have a professional come in and check it out. Damage and dirt can stall AC efficiency. Air filters must be replaced often. They do more than filter your air: they also keep the equipment dust-free and more efficient.
  • Kitchen – Run the dishwasher once a day instead of hand washing dishes throughout the day. Open the refrigerator as little as necessary. Keep condenser coils clean and unobstructed, and the interior temperature between 37 and 40 degrees.
  • Do the activities that add heat to your home during the coolest part of the day – Baking? Try to do it in the morning or evening, where it won’t make the already high temperature skyrocket and your thermostat struggle to keep up.
  • Laundry Room – Your clothes washer takes up as much or more energy as your refrigerator. Consider using cold water with cold water detergents instead of hot or warm water–this alone will cut the energy use by more than half! Take full advantage of each load. It will use the same amount of energy no matter how much you put in the washer, so might as well fill it up! And with all the warm weather, who needs a dryer? Try line drying clothes outside, and you’ll save tons. Here’s a whole article on how to save energy in the laundry room.
  • Insulate attic – Looking for a spring DIY project? Insulating your attic can save a lot of energy, and is relatively simple. This will help in colder months, when over 80% of your home’s heat escapes to the attic.
  • Seal air leaks around windows and doors – Still need more projects? You may be losing 30% of your heat in colder months through drafty windows and doors. With caulker and tape, you can seal up your windows for a more comfortable home.


Start your spring and summer seasons off as efficiently as possible, and leave any other energy-saving tips in the comments below. Questions about your home insurance policy, or looking to get one? Call BMR Insurance today at 714-838-1911 for a free quote.

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