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Get Off-Road This Summer in Orange County!

Follow Iron Maiden's advice and run to the hills!Don’t be like everyone else, heading down to the beach this summer. Why not? Because you can’t drive your ATV, dirt bike or mountain bike on the beach! And that’s no fun. So turn eastward and head to the mountains, and you’ll score yourself a great day in the outdoors with a fantastic view! Continue Reading →

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Protect Yourself and Your ATV: Get Insurance!

Having insurance for your ATV will help cover liabilities in case of any accidents.

BMR Insurance loves the outdoors, and we enjoy taking advantage of the eclectic range of outdoor activities during the summer.   From surfing the Newport waves to hiking down in the beautiful Laguna canyon, you can be sure to find us being active while we are away from the office.  One of our favorite outdoor activities is taking out our ATVs to San Luis Obispo and riding the rough terrains and off-beach roads.  Although riding ATVs is an exhilarating pastime, it can also be very dangerous. Continue Reading →

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We Care About Our Clients!

At BMR Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, which we have calibrated to the highest degree through the past 44 years of being in the business.  Since 1941, BMR Insurance has helped thousands of policyholders in California with their insurance needs.  As an independent insurance agency, we work with over 100 different and highly regarded insurance companies in the industry, and continually evaluate and reevaluate both old and new companies and assess their compatibilities with our clients’ wants and needs.  By doing this, BMR Insurance can provide the very best tailored policies possible for their clients, unlike “captive” agents who only sell insurance from the company that employs them. Continue Reading →

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Be Careful on the Roads at Thanksgiving

On the way to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving!

We all know that traffic is especially bad around the holidays, but Thanksgiving is one of the worst. Each year, hundreds of people die in car accidents; last year, over 400 of them were over the Thanksgiving weekend. And, you guessed it, many of those were alcohol related.

Please try not to turn a wonderful family holiday into a tragedy. Plan on staying over at the home you are visiting on the day, or designate a non-drinker to drive early on in the day. We recommend children that are over 16 but not yet 21 for this! It’s sneaky, but you should be fairly sure they haven’t had too many glasses of wine, although they probably did overdo it on the pumpkin pie.

Also, if you’re not too far from home, arrange in advance for a taxi to take you back. Even if the bill is close to $100, isn’t it worth it to know that your family, and others on the road, are safe? Also, a DUI or an accident with injuries—or, heaven forbid, a fatality—is much more costly than the fare, as is the emotional cost involved.

Another thing to think about is road safety in general. Are you from California in a rental car visiting relatives in Illinois? Did you take the family up to the local mountains for a Thanksgiving ski trip? There’s probably snow on the ground, and many of us in California are unused to driving in those conditions. (Let’s face it, many of us can’t even drive in a rainstorm!) Alcohol doesn’t have to be involved to have an accident in bad-weather conditions on unfamiliar roads. Drivers also rely too heavily on their GPS or satellite navigation systems nowadays, yet they are not infallible. Getting lost in a storm could not only make you miss the big turkey dinner, it could be dangerous!

And don’t forget to have your car serviced before a long car journey with your family. Have a trusted mechanic look over your car and replace leaking hoses, worn tires and windshield wipers; fill up all fluids and change the oil. Having a breakdown could be another big barrier between you and your Thanksgiving meal!

As always, BMR Insurance looks out for you and your family, and we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Call us to review your auto insurance plan before the long car journey starts: (714) 838-1911.

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Understanding Your Homeowners’ Insurance: Part 1

Don’t wait until after an earthquake to find out if you’re covered or not!

By law, all homeowners or anyone who has a mortgage on a home need homeowners’ insurance. Proper homeowners’ insurance can provide necessary protection for your home, reimbursing you for any damages to your home or personal possessions.  But, most people don’t even look at their insurance policy after the initial purchase, and have no idea what their policy coverage entails until a freak accident happens, leaving them wondering if their insurance policy will cover  them.  Big mistake!  It is imperative that all homeowners understand their policy and know exactly what is covered and what is not, and to periodically review their policy to assess any changes that they might need to address.  BMR Insurance will help you cover the basics of homeowners’ insurance so that you will better understand your policy.

Know what your insurance policy covers: Typical homeowners’ insurance coverage includes damages caused by fire, water, storm (wind, lightning, etc), theft or vandalism.  Most people mistakenly assume that homeowners’ insurance will cover damages caused by earthquakes and flooding.  However, these two perils are not covered under a general homeowners’ insurance policy. If you live in an area prone to these types of natural disasters, consult your insurance provider to see if you will need to opt for an additional policy.  For example, in an area at risk for flooding, homeowners would have to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Review your insurance policy with your agent and make sure you understand what your policy does and does not cover. Continue Reading →

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The Best Spots in California for Water Sports

Laguna Beach, CA

Now that the sun is blazing in Southern California, let’s get out and enjoy it! California has the best in water sports, both in freshwater lakes and along the shore. Here are some of BMR Insurance’s favorite spots in the Southland—but please don’t go before getting one of our 30-Minute Insurance Makeovers. Make sure that all of the vehicles that you’re taking with you are insured, from your truck to your boat to your ATVs. Accidents can happen, and through no fault of your own. What if someone steals one of your jet skis while you’re at a restaurant? What if someone drives an ATV into your truck?

Places like “the River” or Lake Havasu are places where people like to kick back and relax, and they might not control their alcohol intake before they take control of their vehicles, either land or water. Did you know that two-thirds of boating accident deaths are from drowning? And that 90% of those people were not wearing a life preserver? We know they look dorky, and that you look like an ace on your water skis when you’ve just wearing your bathing suit, but let’s focus on safety for everyone and less about looking “cool”.

So gather the kids, some towels and a gallon of sunscreen and saddle up for a late summer family vacation! Are we there yet? Continue Reading →

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Your Graduate Needs Insurance For Car and Apartment

Celebrate your grad’s success!

Cue the Pomp and Circumstance March and get your confetti and blow horns ready; it’s the season for graduations! All across the nation, families and friends are celebrating the academic accomplishments of their loved ones.  While this is a time of festivity and celebration, graduations also prompt anticipated and significant changes in the ensuing future of a young graduate’s life.  During this time, BMR Insurance encourages parents and families to reevaluate and check up on their insurance policies to ensure that the graduates’ transitions into the new phases of their lives will be secure, protected and insured. Continue Reading →

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BMR Insurance Loves Happy Clients

One of the most important values of BMR Insurance is integrity, and we always strive to provide honest and straightforward service to our clients.  However, this may not always be the case with other insurance companies.  Here is a little anecdote about how we are committed to our clients.

A potential client had approached BMR Insurance regarding general liability policies.  Another insurance company told the client that their offered insurance covered this issue, but the agent refused to give the quote in writing.  BMR Insurance, however, would cover the general liability policies for the client’s business, and we offered this in writing along with a pricing quote.  But because the other insurance company had a lower premium, the client wondered—and not surprisingly—whether or not we were over quoting him. Continue Reading →

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