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8 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums

Don’t drive one of these if you want to lower your car insurance premiums.

Although BMR Insurance can get you great prices on your car insurance, we’re always looking at ways to save our customers even more money.

Have you checked your car insurance lately? We’re all looking for ways to economize, and this may be one of those places you didn’t think of looking. With our tips below, you might be able to save some money on your policy quickly and easily.

1. Request a higher deductible: Are you a safe driver? Rarely drive on the freeway? Think about raising your deductible—the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance policy kicks in to cover the cost of damages. By boosting your deductible, you can actually lower the cost of your collision and comprehensive coverage. Call us and we’ll walk you through it.
Reduce coverage you don’t need: Are you driving an older car? Saving for a new one? Think about changing your insurance that reflects the value of your car. In some states, like California, you’re required to have insurance so you can’t cancel it, but you can amend a policy to the worth of your car. Check out the market rate of your car on the Kelley Blue Book site or Edmunds.com. Continue Reading →

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The Top 10 Cars Most Frequently Stolen in 2010

The Nissan Maxima comes in at Number 7

What kind of car are you driving? If it’s an SUV, it seems that you’ve got a higher chance of it being stolen, broken into or stripped. You’d think it would be safer and less attractive than perhaps a sports car, don’t you? But out of the top ten cars most stolen, there’s only two sports cars on the list versus five SUVs, two trucks and one lonely sedan.

Numbers 10, 9 and 8 are actually American cars, believe it or not. What does that say to the Big Three? There’s people out there that DO buy your cars, but more out there that steal them? It doesn’t make sense somehow! But all three hold a lot of passengers, so perhaps they have appeal to the joyriders out there. Continue Reading →

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