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Serious Danger: House Fire After an Earthquake

A gas fire explosion after the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles.

Did you participate in the Great California ShakeOut last week? We at BMR Insurance hope you did, as you will have learned a great deal on how to protect yourself, your family and your home during a quake. Remember, the scientists say not IF it happens, it’s WHEN the Big One happens…

Did you realize that after an earthquake, the fallen bookshelves and shifting walls could be the least of your problems? What if the quake shook your water heater away from the wall, causing a gas leak? Flammable paint or other liquids can spill and ignite…and now what’s left of your home is being consumed by fire. Continue Reading →

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Santa Ana’s Saddleback Inn Burned, But Who Pays for the Clean Up?

Santa Ana landmark The Saddleback Inn burns last month.

The Saddleback Inn in Santa Ana was a long-time landmark of Orange County, once a major hotel back in the 1960’s and then in its last years a temporary lodging for low-income tenants. Tragically, the Saddleback Inn caught fire this past week, and all that remains now of the old hotel is a pile of rubble and dust.

We don’t know how extensive Saddleback Inn’s insurance coverage is, but we are crossing our fingers for the owners and hoping it is enough.  Cases like these are always reminders for us here at BMR Insurance that accidents do happen, and we always stress to our clients about the importance of adequate insurance coverage that will protect them should a mishap like this occur. Continue Reading →

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Understanding Your Homeowners’ Insurance: Part 1

Don’t wait until after an earthquake to find out if you’re covered or not!

By law, all homeowners or anyone who has a mortgage on a home need homeowners’ insurance. Proper homeowners’ insurance can provide necessary protection for your home, reimbursing you for any damages to your home or personal possessions.  But, most people don’t even look at their insurance policy after the initial purchase, and have no idea what their policy coverage entails until a freak accident happens, leaving them wondering if their insurance policy will cover  them.  Big mistake!  It is imperative that all homeowners understand their policy and know exactly what is covered and what is not, and to periodically review their policy to assess any changes that they might need to address.  BMR Insurance will help you cover the basics of homeowners’ insurance so that you will better understand your policy.

Know what your insurance policy covers: Typical homeowners’ insurance coverage includes damages caused by fire, water, storm (wind, lightning, etc), theft or vandalism.  Most people mistakenly assume that homeowners’ insurance will cover damages caused by earthquakes and flooding.  However, these two perils are not covered under a general homeowners’ insurance policy. If you live in an area prone to these types of natural disasters, consult your insurance provider to see if you will need to opt for an additional policy.  For example, in an area at risk for flooding, homeowners would have to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Review your insurance policy with your agent and make sure you understand what your policy does and does not cover. Continue Reading →

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