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Prep Your Car for This Summer’s Road Trip: 9 Things to Check

We know, we know. Road trips sound like something from the 1950s, where families piled in the huge station wagon and wound their way through our fair United States. But is it really that crazy? With the hassle of airports and the cost of airline tickets going up almost exponentially, it makes higher gas prices not quite so scary.

Four airline fares to Hawaii in June could cost over $2,500 dollars. Could you spend that much in gas, even driving from Tustin to Yellowstone National Park? Not quite. And no, Yellowstone is not Waikiki Beach, but who knows? What with iPads and other mobile devices, you can probably keep the kids pretty occupied on the trip, unlike those days back in the 50s when they had to rely on (gasp!) their imagination. Or, even worse, READ A BOOK. Continue Reading →

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Are You Covered for Flooding?

Laguna Beach’s Main Beach boardwalk was completely destroyed last December due to flash flooding.

Most of the time, when homeowners think of floods, they think of rushing water from overflowing gutters and streets during storms, hurricanes and heavy rainfall. You may be one of these homeowners, and think that California doesn’t get this kind of weather. For instance: We called that a “storm” yesterday? One day of rain in Orange County and we start getting freaked out?

Flash flooding happens more than you think. It took Laguna Beach almost eight months to replace the Main Beach boardwalk that was destroyed by last year’s Christmastime flooding. Continue Reading →

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What Aren’t the Insurance Companies Telling You? Part 1

Is this how you keep your home insured without claims? The mailman feels better...

As insurance brokers, we have an insight into the insurance companies that the man-on-the-street doesn’t have. By using us, we can help you avoid, or at least understand, why insurance companies seem to have such arbitrary policies. Here’s 3 out of the top 10 things that insurance companies won’t tell you:

  1. Why, after 10 years without a claim, would a home insurer drop the customer from its “preferred” list when he filed two claims (one for burglary and one for a damaged roof) only worth $3,000? Continue Reading →
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What Happens When Homeowner’s Insurance Lapses?

They're laughing all the way to the bank...at America's homeowners.

What happens? It’s not pretty, not pretty at all. As if homeowners aren’t having a hard enough time at the moment making payments and keeping their homes from short-sales (or worse, foreclosure), lenders are making it even harder.

Yes, you heard us—the LENDERS are making it harder on homeowners with one of their clever little “hidden practices” that are nice money earners for them. Continue Reading →

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August is Deadliest Month for Drivers

It’s official: August is the least-safe month to be on the road, says both the Automobile Club and, more impressively, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And guess what? Texting isn’t making the situation any better.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s statistics show that the highest number of fatal car crashes occur in the summer driving season, but the most fall in August. As much as it’s known that Europeans take August off for vacations, it’s actually the most popular month for American families to take their annual trips—44% says a Gallup poll. Continue Reading →

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Consumer Complaints Rising, and Insurance is Essential

Don’t trust a smiling contractor without checking that his company is bonded and insured!

Everyone complains about it nowadays—service just isn’t what it used to be. And it’s not just a phrase; consumer complaints truly are on the rise, according to popular website Consumerist.com, a site dedicated to publicizing and solving consumers’ problems. You can visit the site to find blog posts and comments detailing the most common problems and gripes, there was actually a survey released last month that crunches the numbers.

The study, released by The Consumer Federation of America, the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators, details “the most common, fastest growing and worst complaints” received in 2010 by over 30 agencies. Most were related to the economic hardships faced by consumers and businesses in today’s increasingly tough times.

And for our customers, we’d like to point out a few of the highlights, and show you how we can help:

  1. Landlord and Tenant Issues: Although no side is entirely to blame, tenants have the least protection against bad landlords and their antics. The highest number of complaints were about unsafe living conditions, illegal evictions, rent and deposit disputes and failure to make necessary repairs or provide contractual obligations.
    Are you a renter? You need renter’s insurance, as a dishonest or inept landlord will not keep maintenance up on their property. You are liable to replace all of your possessions if the upstairs neighbor’s water heater leaks through your ceiling, NOT your landlord!
    Are you a landlord? Do you have dwelling fire policy? If your answer was no, you should call us asap. It doesn’t cover all damage, but it does cover willful vandalism from your tenant. DO NOT assume that your homeowner’s insurance will cover it! That only covers the house you live in.
  2. What do a lot of people have in common with actor Will Smith? No, not sticky-out ears or contact with aliens, but problems with contractors and home building. We could tell you stories until the cows come home about faulty installations and shoddy workmanship, but the main point is: homeowner’s insurance, again, won’t cover shoddy workmanship. Nope, not until it causes some damage to your home.
    So what do you do? ALWAYS check the references for any builders or tradespeople that will do work on your home, and definitely check with the state board to make sure they have liability insurance and they’re bonded. Not sure what all that means? Just call us at BMR Insurance. Not only can we explain all of the best practices for hiring people to work in your home, we also can refer you to some stellar companies that are top-notch.

Have questions about the best way to insure your properties, your business, your cars, and ultimately, your family? Call us at BMR Insurance—or just stop by! There is always a real person to help you at BMR Insurance; we know that personal service is not just what you expect, it’s what we deserve. It’s also what we’ve built our business on over 60 years. Call us now on (714) 838-1911 or click here to use our online form.

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Got Allstate? You got a problem…

The tornado in Joplin, Missouri caused billions of dollars in damage, and has created big losses for Allstate.

One of the largest insurance providers in the nation, Allstate, just publicly released their corporate financial information this morning in a report that clearly indicated some major financial issues for the company. Allstate has taken a major blow this year due to catastrophe losses from the biblical-style tornadoes, storms and fires that have recently spawned across the nation.  In fact, in the second quarter, Allstate has suffered a record-breaking  $2.3 billion loss due just in part to catastrophe losses.  Continue Reading →

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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf cart injuries are more prevalent than you might believe, so it’s important to have insurance for your golf cart. Image courtesy of the New York Times.

Nowadays, golf carts are not just for the golf range anymore! You can find golf carts as modes of transportation used in elderly and senior citizen communities, small towns like Laguna Beach, and even as tourist recreational activities on Catalina Island.  With the rising price of fuel, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to electronically powered golf carts as a transportation alternative.  As an environmentally conscious company, BMR Insurance thinks that the shift to different modes of transportation such as golf carts is great, but as always, we remind our clients that although golf carts are classified as a Low Speed Vehicle, they still need insurance.

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Motorcyclists Need Insurance, too!

Before taking your motorcycle out on the road, did you remember to check your insurance policies?

Summertime entails more time outdoors and under the sun—surfers will be hitting the waves, nature enthusiasts are out on trails, and bikers are perusing down the highway interstate, taking in the beautiful weather.  BMR Insurance knows the exhilaration of riding out on the road, and we have to agree with motorcyclists that there is no other feeling like it out there! Still, we never know just what is around that bend, so it is important that motorcyclists are fully insured before they hit the road.

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Is Your General Contractor Insured?

Uninsured general contractors can cause costly and dangerous liability issues for homeowners!

When dealing with home remodeling and construction companies, the issue of insurance not only affects third party vendors but also affects the homeowners as well.  It is important to note that homeowners should only hire licensed, insured and bonded contractors.  Why would a general contractor’s insurance have an effect on the homeowners?

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