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The Top 10 Cars Most Frequently Stolen in 2010

The Nissan Maxima comes in at Number 7

What kind of car are you driving? If it’s an SUV, it seems that you’ve got a higher chance of it being stolen, broken into or stripped. You’d think it would be safer and less attractive than perhaps a sports car, don’t you? But out of the top ten cars most stolen, there’s only two sports cars on the list versus five SUVs, two trucks and one lonely sedan.

Numbers 10, 9 and 8 are actually American cars, believe it or not. What does that say to the Big Three? There’s people out there that DO buy your cars, but more out there that steal them? It doesn’t make sense somehow! But all three hold a lot of passengers, so perhaps they have appeal to the joyriders out there. Continue Reading →

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