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Tustin Named as Forbes’ Top 25 Towns to Live Well

For over 30 years, BMR's experienced team has helped Tustin businesses succeed.

We knew it already, didn’t we? For sure, BMR Insurance Agency wouldn’t be celebrating over 30 years in business in Tustin if it wasn’t such a wonderful place to live.

But it’s always nice to get confirmation! And that’s exactly what Forbes Magazine did late last year, telling the world what a lovely life we live here in Tustin. Continue Reading →

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Fire Safety Tips for the Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah starts this Saturday, December 8th, and for those of you who are not aware, one of the traditions of the Hanukkah celebration is the menorah. The menorah is a candelabra with nine branches that are lit during the eight-day Hanukkah holiday, and is used to celebrate a miracle, when the Jews found only enough pure olive oil to light the menorah for one day after a successful revolt centuries ago. The miracle was that the supply lasted eight days, until a new supply could be obtained. Nowadays, the menorah has eight candles to light each night during Hanukkah.

In addition to the menorah, another Hanukkah tradition is making latkes, pancakes made of potato and onion and fried in oil—another celebration of a small amount of oil keeping a long-lasting flame. And even as careful as you can be, most house fires are started in the kitchen, which means that you should be extra vigilant when using hot oil for cooking.

With one to eight candles burning nightly plus hot oil or grease, there’s bound to be some fire-related accidents. Please review this handy list of safety tips to practice during the Hanukkah celebration to keep your family safe and sound. Don’t ruin the holiday by accidentally burning your house down!

  1. This week is the perfect time to test the smoke detectors in your house, and change the batteries if needed.
  2. Buy a fire extinguisher and keep it near the place you’ll be setting up the menorah.
  3. Place the menorah on a non-flammable, solid and level surface.
  4. Make sure all candles are secure in their holders.
  5. Keep all flammable materials, including drapes, blinds, decorations and plants, away from the menorah.
  6. Before lighting your menorah, make sure that it is meant to be lit, and not for decorative purposes only.
  7. Electric menorahs should not be used if wiring insulation is frayed or broken.
  8. Never, and we mean NEVER, leave a lit menorah unattended.
  9. When cooking latkes, keep children away from the hot oil; ideally, keep children away from the kitchen.
  10. Keep frying pans on the back burners of the stove, and keep the handle of the pan(s) away from the edge so children cannot reach it.
  11. If cooking oil catches fire, turn off the gas or electric range and cover the pan with its lid—if you can do so at no risk to yourself. Ideally, use a fire extinguisher appropriate for grease fires.
  12. Never throw water or a wet towel on an oil fire, as that will cause the hot oil to splatter on you or ignite something nearby.

Please have a happy and safe Hanukkah celebration! Call us if you want to make sure your home is properly covered, along with all of its contents, give us a call. Those Hanukkah presents may need extra coverage that you don’t currently have. Call us at BMR Insurance Agency, where you’ll always get a real live BMR employee on the phone: 714-838-1911.

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How to Prevent Your Home from Flooding

Although we're on the West Coast, big storms can hit us too.

It was difficult for us in Southern California to understand the devastation left behind on the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy, especially as we were enjoying record temperatures and true “beach weather”.

But just think back to two Decembers ago, when downtown Laguna Beach was under four feet of water right before the Christmas holiday. Although not as bad as a hurricane by any means, that storm devastated south Orange County, and had people being rescued from their roofs, homes were destroyed and old-growth trees uprooted. Then there were the windstorms last year at this time that were sweeping the Southland, causing millions in damages to homes, businesses and cities. Continue Reading →

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How To Prevent Your Car From Going Up in Flames

Don't worry—they were only fictional characters. Real CHPs won't cause your car to explode.

It’s not just homes, businesses and forests that can catch fire. Remember around the New Year of 2011/2012, when that lunatic was running around Los Angeles setting cars on fire? Not only did this man destroy several cars, those cars were in carports or parking structures that then caught on fire—and that, my friends, can cause a big problem for a lot of people.

That said, it doesn’t take a maniac arsonist to start a car fire. An automobile can catch fire just fine on its own, and for many reasons. The National Fire Protection Association says that mechanical or electrical issues are the most common causes, but a fire can also be the result of a bad crash. Continue Reading →

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Tustin Events: Police Open House & Concerts in the Park

Open house at the Tustin Police Department this Saturday.

Are you looking for ways to treat your Dad or husband this weekend? Tustin has all sorts of fun events planned, and all are ones that the whole family can enjoy.

Our favorite event this weekend is the Tustin Police Department’s Open House! They’re inviting the community to its 16th annual open house that runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday the 16th. Continue Reading →

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Safety Tips on Barbecueing for Memorial Day in Orange County

Don't leave your barbeque unattended. Please.

Did you know that 6,900 home fires were started because of gas grills? That’s not the total number—that’s on average PER YEAR between 2005 and 2009! And if you’re smirking because you use charcoal, this might wipe the smile off your face: Charcoal and other solid-fueled grills were involved in an annual average of 1,100 home fires during the same time period.

These are statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, and not ones we just made up to scare you. And with Memorial Day coming up this weekend, we want to make sure our readers are prepared! Continue Reading →

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Make Sure Your Graduate is Covered by Car Insurance

Is your graduate off to college, or to real life? Help them with car insurance coverage.

It’s hard to see them leave the nest, even if part of you is happy at the thought of the smaller laundry loads, a cheaper grocery bill and the peace and quiet. But today’s high school grads moving into college have a lot to worry about. And it’s something you’ve worried about for years: Affording college. Continue Reading →

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When Wildfires Hit California, Don’t Count on FEMA’s Help

With the lack of rain we've had, the wildfires are predicted to be very bad this year.

When the flames begin to burn through the Californian terrain, don’t expect the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to provide you and your family with the necessary funds to rebuild your home. Even if the wildfires become a natural disaster and create tens of millions of dollars in damage, the federal agency is not obligated to assist the state or the families with property damage, lost possessions or loss of life.

You might think this couldn’t happen, but it just did. Continue Reading →

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Will OC’s New Fire Hazard Maps Raise Your Insurance Premiums?

Last week we informed you about how your local firehouse ratings could affect your insurance. This week, we wanted to cover growing local concern over recently released fire hazard maps in the Orange County area. The new maps indicate that a much wider range of populated neighborhoods are deemed high fire severity zones, and have caused many homeowners from Villa Park to Mission Viejo to voice their concern. Could this new data provide insurance companies with a reason to raise their rates? Continue Reading →

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Going on a Trip? Is Your Rental Car Insured?

When you go on a trip the last thing you want to worry about is rental car insurance. You have already booked the flight, made reservations at the hotel, and now you just need to pay for your transportation at your destination. Should you spend the extra money to purchase rental car insurance, or should you reserve that money for a special meal or souvenir? Well, that depends on your insurance company, as well as the polices of the rental car service. Either one could suffice, but the problem is not knowing which one is going to provide you with coverage in case of an accident.

Most rental car companies offer a collision damage waiver, while some countries (like Ireland) require it, but each company has their own set of policies. Some questions to ask when thinking of purchasing collision damage waivers are:

  • Will I be liable for any damage that occurs during an accident?
  • Does this agreement cover theft? Repairs?
  • If there was an accident, will this waiver cover the cost of not being able to use the car?
  • How much will be covered? What is the top dollar amount?
  • Be sure to cover any local scenarios as well, such as political or environmental hazards.

The same goes for your insurance provider. Research your company’s policies to see if your rented car has the same coverage as your own. You wouldn’t want to assume your insurance covers your rented car only to find out that the rental has a much different deductible than your own. Or worse yet, find out that your insurance does not cover rentals and then having to pay for the damages yourself. Keep in mind that your rates may increase if you use your own insurance to cover a rental accident.

However, if neither company can cover your rental car, or you wish to increase the coverage of your insurance, then purchase the rental car with a credit card. Some credit card policies have a built-in rental car insurance coverage and can take care of some, or all, of your bill.

And parents with college-age kids—if they are going on a Spring Break trip, make sure you do this research before they get to their destination! You know they’re not going to ask the right questions, and you’re probably the one who will get stuck with the bill if, heaven forbid, there is an accident or theft.

The bottom line is to find out what your policies offer when you are about to travel. A little research could help you gain the money you were looking to save in the first place. If you have any further questions or need help investigating these policies, please feel free to contact us at BMR Insurance Agency.

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