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Tustin Named as Forbes’ Top 25 Towns to Live Well

For over 30 years, BMR's experienced team has helped Tustin businesses succeed.

We knew it already, didn’t we? For sure, BMR Insurance Agency wouldn’t be celebrating over 30 years in business in Tustin if it wasn’t such a wonderful place to live.

But it’s always nice to get confirmation! And that’s exactly what Forbes Magazine did late last year, telling the world what a lovely life we live here in Tustin. Continue Reading →

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Beware: Space Heaters Cause Orange County Fires

Firefighters rush to save residents of an apartment complex in Buena Park that burned on Monday. Photo courtesy of O.C. Register.

Just this week there have been at least two residential fires in Orange County—after 6AM Wednesday morning, firefighters put out a blaze in a motor home near a salvage yard in Santa Ana, and sadly, a body was found inside. On Monday, an apartment fire in Buena Park was most likely was caused by a space heater; luckily, everyone survived that fire, although one woman is still being treated for extensive burns on her body. Everyone wants to save on their monthly heating bills, and people are looking to alternative sources of heat for their homes, offices and workspaces. According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), home fires spike in winter months. Continue Reading →

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What Happens When Homeowner’s Insurance Lapses?

They're laughing all the way to the bank...at America's homeowners.

What happens? It’s not pretty, not pretty at all. As if homeowners aren’t having a hard enough time at the moment making payments and keeping their homes from short-sales (or worse, foreclosure), lenders are making it even harder.

Yes, you heard us—the LENDERS are making it harder on homeowners with one of their clever little “hidden practices” that are nice money earners for them. Continue Reading →

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Consumer Complaints Rising, and Insurance is Essential

Don’t trust a smiling contractor without checking that his company is bonded and insured!

Everyone complains about it nowadays—service just isn’t what it used to be. And it’s not just a phrase; consumer complaints truly are on the rise, according to popular website Consumerist.com, a site dedicated to publicizing and solving consumers’ problems. You can visit the site to find blog posts and comments detailing the most common problems and gripes, there was actually a survey released last month that crunches the numbers.

The study, released by The Consumer Federation of America, the National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators, details “the most common, fastest growing and worst complaints” received in 2010 by over 30 agencies. Most were related to the economic hardships faced by consumers and businesses in today’s increasingly tough times.

And for our customers, we’d like to point out a few of the highlights, and show you how we can help:

  1. Landlord and Tenant Issues: Although no side is entirely to blame, tenants have the least protection against bad landlords and their antics. The highest number of complaints were about unsafe living conditions, illegal evictions, rent and deposit disputes and failure to make necessary repairs or provide contractual obligations.
    Are you a renter? You need renter’s insurance, as a dishonest or inept landlord will not keep maintenance up on their property. You are liable to replace all of your possessions if the upstairs neighbor’s water heater leaks through your ceiling, NOT your landlord!
    Are you a landlord? Do you have dwelling fire policy? If your answer was no, you should call us asap. It doesn’t cover all damage, but it does cover willful vandalism from your tenant. DO NOT assume that your homeowner’s insurance will cover it! That only covers the house you live in.
  2. What do a lot of people have in common with actor Will Smith? No, not sticky-out ears or contact with aliens, but problems with contractors and home building. We could tell you stories until the cows come home about faulty installations and shoddy workmanship, but the main point is: homeowner’s insurance, again, won’t cover shoddy workmanship. Nope, not until it causes some damage to your home.
    So what do you do? ALWAYS check the references for any builders or tradespeople that will do work on your home, and definitely check with the state board to make sure they have liability insurance and they’re bonded. Not sure what all that means? Just call us at BMR Insurance. Not only can we explain all of the best practices for hiring people to work in your home, we also can refer you to some stellar companies that are top-notch.

Have questions about the best way to insure your properties, your business, your cars, and ultimately, your family? Call us at BMR Insurance—or just stop by! There is always a real person to help you at BMR Insurance; we know that personal service is not just what you expect, it’s what we deserve. It’s also what we’ve built our business on over 60 years. Call us now on (714) 838-1911 or click here to use our online form.

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We Care About Our Clients!

At BMR Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, which we have calibrated to the highest degree through the past 44 years of being in the business.  Since 1941, BMR Insurance has helped thousands of policyholders in California with their insurance needs.  As an independent insurance agency, we work with over 100 different and highly regarded insurance companies in the industry, and continually evaluate and reevaluate both old and new companies and assess their compatibilities with our clients’ wants and needs.  By doing this, BMR Insurance can provide the very best tailored policies possible for their clients, unlike “captive” agents who only sell insurance from the company that employs them. Continue Reading →

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Renting Your Property? You Still Need Renter’s Insurance!

BMR Insurance has already discussed insurance policies for homeowners, but what about those who are renting their properties?  The good news is that there is coverage available for renters too.  But, so often people overlook renter’s insurance and don’t find the need to add a premium on top of their rent.  BMR Insurance wants to remind everybody that disasters don’t discriminate—everyone, owners and renters alike, is at risk when it comes to their belongings and properties, so it is imperative to always be fully and properly insured just in case.

Many people renting apartments or other properties often bypass renter’s insurance all together, mistakenly thinking that their apartment complex, housing association or landlord will protect them in the event of a natural disaster, fire, burglary or any other unfortunate event.  This is not the case!  Even if your landlord has insurance, his policy will only cover his property and belongings.  If you have to ask yourself whether or not you can replace all of your belongings in the event of a disaster, then chances are you need insurance! Renter’s insurance policies will protect your property and your possessions.  BMR Insurance hates to hear stories of people who forego renter’s insurance and who then have to pay dearly for their decision later when disaster strikes. Continue Reading →

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Are You Insured if Your Office Building Burns Down?

Photo of Tustin office fire courtesy of Bruce Chambers, OC Register

If you rent office space, are you under the impression that your landlord’s property insurance will cover all of your inventory if the place burns down? What if one of Dorothy’s twisters comes through and destroys the building?

We know we seem a little obsessed by fire this month, but since we had two clients that rented space in the Tustin office building fire late last month, it is on our minds. And it should be on yours, especially if you are a retail shop, a doctor or dentist, a dry cleaner or restaurant. Continue Reading →

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More Tips to Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

We had a great response from last week’s blog with a burglar’s-eye view of your home. We thought we’d add a few more this week to round it out, especially since it’s a popular time of year for vacations!

Pay heed–these tips are simple, but easy to forget. Even though we’re in the insurance business, we’d really rather you never have to use it…

Here’s EIGHT more things a burglar won’t tell you:

1. Sometimes, I carry a clipboard. Sometimes, I dress like a gardener and carry a rake. But I always do my best to never, ever look like a crook.

2. The two things I hate most: loud dogs and nosy neighbors. Continue Reading →

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Small Business and Contractor Insurance Assistance

Roofing companies can be tricky to insure.

All is fair in business and insurance–or is it? Not all insurance is created equally, and of course not everyone can always obtain their ideal insurance policy.  For business owners, specifically of non-residential contractor businesses that could harbor many potential liabilities, finding proper and affordable insurance can be a tiresome process.

Take, for example, a roofing company.  A general contractor business like this may seem simple to insure, right? Wrong! In that type of work environment, workers are exposed to situations subject to workers’ compensation (i.e. accidentally falling off the roof), and workers’ compensation can be very expensive.  Roofing businesses also face general liability exposures, where if the company does not complete a roof correctly, rain water might seep through and damage the home. Or, roofs can be too heavy for their framework, consequently caving in and injuring the inhabitants of the home.  The homeowner’s insurance would then subrogate the roofing company, citing poor job execution.  Whether the roofing company is at fault or not, this becomes a liability issue that could lead to very expensive fees and possible lawsuits. Continue Reading →

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