Termites Might Not Be Your Only Home Invaders


If you’re getting your house tented to rid it of termites, those little critters might not be the only invaders you need to be cautious of. Burglars throughout California are now targeting homes that are being tented for fumigation. You may think that you’re doing the safe thing in protecting your family from termites and the toxic fumes, but you are also leaving your home and all of the possessions inside exposed and at risk.

Many homes throughout Southern California are being broken into while the owners are out during fumigation for insects and other pests. The giant tents that are placed on these homes are used as a warning to keep others out and away from the dangerous chemicals, but they are quickly becoming an invitation for burglars to come on in. When a burglar sees this tent they know that the building will be unoccupied several days and your home instantly becomes an easy target. Thieves are aware that these homes are left unprotected.

Not only are the police dispatched to these crimes, but a hazardous materials team must also be at the scene to assist in the investigation. Authorities have found that thieves have made off with thousands of dollars worth of valuable items such as jewelry and electronics, and are also taking cash and even food.

Gary Arch, our fearless leader, believes that home invasions during termite tenting is becoming a bigger issue:

“This problem is becoming rampant with termite jobs.  Video inventory is always the way to go, but more importantly, the use of permanently installed safes is another really good option.  One neighbor I spoke to said that an idea their neighborhood had was to ask a neighbor to turn their surveillance cameras toward the house being tented during the three-day process. If your neighbors don’t have that set up, get a portable video surveillance system and ask a neighbor to allow you to plug it in during the tenting process.  All great ideas.”

If you are planning on having your house fumigated in the near future be sure to remove all of your valuables from the property (consider putting jewelry and irreplaceable possessions in a safety deposit box at the bank). Ask one of your neighbors that you trust to keep their eye on the house and alert you or the police of any suspicious activity. During the fumigation process the entire home must be left completely unlocked so, if at all possible, consider hiring security around your house to act as an extra layer of protection from burglary.

If you have further questions about how you can protect your home from theft or burglary during your termite tenting, call us right away: 714-838-1911. We’re always happy to help!

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