Thanksgiving Trivia: Did You Know?


Since Thanksgiving is less than a week away, we like to promote safety for our customers—actually, anyone who is celebrating this holiday that is so near and dear to the hearts of Americans.

And since we’ve already talked about safety tips for driving (Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous days of the year to be on the road!) and safety in the kitchen (make sure that turkey is cooked through!), we thought we’d present some interesting statistics about the Thanksgiving holiday.

Because we’re an insurance agency, these tips won’t be about the pilgrims and the Native Americans who had dinner together when our country was young. No, ours are about safety and travel, but we think they are just as interesting. So here you are:

  • The leading causes of large, non-confined Thanksgiving Day fires in residences are started by electrical malfunctions (14%), carelessness or other unintentional actions (14%) and open flames (13%).
  • In residential, non-contained residential fires, smoke alarms were reported as present in 46% of cases.
  • Hospitals see many Thanksgiving-related injuries in the emergency room, including gravy burns, food poisoning and carving accidents. Some are less obvious, like injuries sustained during drunken brawls between family members and normally sedentary people participating in pre- or post-dinner football games.
  • What will you use your tablet or smartphone for during Thanksgiving? The top uses include:
    • 80% – Checking the weather
    • 51% – Researching restaurants
    • 51% – GPS navigation
    • 38% – Checking the status of a flight
    • 5% – Researching a destination
  • How much have you spent on Thanksgiving travel plans? Expenditures break down to:
    • This year, 38% more will be spent than in 2011
    • 46% will spend the same as 2011
    • 10% will spend less
    • An amazing 46% will spend $500 or less on their holiday travel

Did some of those statistics shock you? They shocked us, especially the Thanksgiving Day injuries! So watch that bird–it’s not as innocent as it seems. Carve carefully, be nice to your relatives and perhaps use the Wii or a board game to get out rivalries, instead of playing football.

Have questions about what’s covered in a Thanksgiving Day accident? Give us a call any time: 714-838-1911. Please be aware that we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and November 27th.


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