Tips For Hiring Seasonal Workers

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it the onslaught of houseguests, and if you’re a small business owner, potentially an increase in business volume. Many small businesses find it useful to hire seasonal workers, especially in the holiday season. If you’re finding yourself at the end of your rope whenever the holidays come around, it might be time to pull out a “pro and con” list and decide if hiring a seasonal employee will help relieve that stress. Seasonal employees bring in the extra hands you need without the added costs of providing benefits.

Before you hire someone, think about the best tasks for this employee. Ideally, the position shouldn’t require hours of training for a specialized skill. According to employment website CareerCast, the jobs best suited for seasonal employment are chef, customer service representative, material moving machine operator, material recording clerk, parcel deliverer, performer, photographer and retail salesperson.

Expect to pay these seasonal employees as much as full-time employees; refer to the United States Department of Labor to ensure you are working under the fair wage, minimum wage and child labor laws. Pay attention when defining seasonal hires as employees or independent contractors. Both categories involve different laws in regard to benefits: employees are required to be given unemployment benefits, workers compensation, and Social Security/Medicare.

Business owners have several options when looking for temporary employees. One option is a professional agency. Though an agency will have a fee, employers can provide parameters and they will do the legwork of rooting through applications. And, considering their agency reputation is on the line, they will both provide the best they find, as well as find you another employee if the first does not work out.

If you’d rather skip the agency, college students are always a good way to go– they have fresh perspective and ambition, need the money, and are usually eager and hard workers. To reach the college pool of applicants, contact college career centers, fraternities and sororities, and publish calls for applicants via social media. On the other end of the spectrum of experience, retirees often seek part time work, in the hopes of staying active and earning money post-retirement.

The most important part of this process of course, is finding the best fit for your company. As a small family business ourself, BMR Insurance understands completely the impact one employee can have on a business. Best of luck in finding your seasonal employee(s). Call at 714-838-1911; we are happy to answer your questions, especially in regard to your small business insurance needs.

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