Top 5 Insurance Concerns

  1. Price
  2. Claims handling
  3. Availability
  4. Customer service
  5. Education

What these mean to the consumer:

Price – Insurance is one of the most shopped products in almost all of your standard household bills.

Claims Handling – If you haven’t had a claim with your existing carrier, good. But, if you have had a claim that has gone bad, everyone knows the feeling of wanting to change insurance carriers immediately so this does not happen again. Remember that there are 2 parts to good claims handling. The first is knowing the coverages provided by the company. The second is being able to rely on your agent to step in and help you understand the claims process and help with any claims disagreements between you and the company.

Availability – Recently insurance has been more and more difficult to obtain. If you are a homeowner, you may have found that insurance is difficult to purchase if the home has had claims. You may move into a neighborhood that is too close to brush for the companies liking. Or, you may be purchasing an older home that has never had any electrical or plumbing updates.

Customer Service – Calling your agent and being transferred to 4 different people, or never speaking to the same person twice is not customer service. Even though our society has gone to online purchasing and many people don’t want to leave their homes, it seems that the trend still leans towards older times. Clients like to meet their agent and know that they can call them and speak to a live person, rather than on hold or touch tone menus.

Education – Not everyone is licensed insurance counselor. Ask questions about the policies you buy. Read the contract and the policy jacket when the policy is sent to you. Many policies have special exclusions that you may not know about until you have a claim. Ask your agent to explain coverages to you and give examples of how the coverage’s work. The last thing you want is for your agent to get frustrated because you are asking too many questions.