Top Tips for Terrific Thanksgiving Travel


Each holiday has their own unique personality: Christmas is generous and cheerful, and always smells like pine. Valentine may come off as too sappy to some, but act as cupid for others. Then there’s New Years and New Years Eve, the golden couple—full of aspirations and the life of the party. Thanksgiving is the warm nurturer, inviting us inside to follow the scents of pumpkin pie, clinking glasses; all the while quietly reminding us to recognize the goodness flowing throughout our lives.

With Thanksgiving comes the overwhelming number of families on the road; the American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates 46.9 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles from home to reach their Thanksgiving destinations; almost 42 million of which will be roadtripping. The Thanksgiving holiday travel period is from Wednesday, November 25 through Sunday, November 29. Whether by bus, train, plane, or car, all avenues of transportation will be clogged. The rising numbers are caused by largely positive effectors: the improving economy allows for more budgeting toward holiday travel expenses, and gas prices reaching their lowest since 2007.

Here are some tips from BMR Insurance for the your Thanksgiving travel adventures:

  • Make sure to check your car battery and the air in your tires before you get on the road. AAA is anticipating calls from 300,000 motorists within the travel period. The majority of the calls received will concern blown-out tires and dead batteries.
  • The holidays bring about a 36% increase in insurance claims filed for parking lot accidents. Heightened awareness and slower speeds while driving through a parking lot can go far in helping you avoid an accident.
  • Download the AAA mobile app. The app is available for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Use the app to map a route, find lowest gas prices, access exclusive member discounts, make travel arrangements, request AAA roadside assistance, find AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities and more.

Safe travels on the road as the holidays kick off, and know that BMR Insurance is here for you and your family in the case of any issues as you make your way to your holiday destination. Call us at 714-838-1911 for a quote. Happy Thanksgiving!

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