What is taking root?

Small business trends for spring and summer.

Businesses will further adapt to the modern customer.
When customers have more choices than ever, they lean towards businesses that provide a fast, seamless and personalized experience. A small startup that offers better service can take the lead against a large legacy company. This is true for all types of business whether you’re buying a hot dog or financing a house. 

The human touch is still important.
Technology will undoubtedly continue to improve, but AI and predictive analytics will not replace the human when creating the customer experience. AI will fill some gaps and create opportunities, but we have a few years before it’s a true game-changer. Think of AI as augmented intelligence – it adds to the human, giving more information, great insights, but not replace the human. (Hard to believe we’re at this juncture.)

Authentic relationships will win when paired against technology.
Relationships continue to drive commerce so people will find more ways to connect in person and build the trust that’s necessary to have a winning relationship. Establishing several different pathways to talk to clients and get to know them. You’ll only learn so much by algorithms. 

Marketing will continue to grow more personalized.
The trend is for marketing to be increasingly personal. Stock images, generic campaigns, and impersonal calls to action aren’t going to cut it. You’ll have to provide a continuous window into the culture of your business. This means real photos, and high-value personalized content. 

The modern workplace: Businesses will prioritize employee happiness.
“Businesses [will be] focusing on employee engagement and happiness. Because unemployment is at historic lows, keeping employees engaged and happy is critical to retaining good people. Keeping them happier at work … boosts productivity 10 to 25 percent.” – Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science.

Evaluate your customer service flow and create new processes to give your customer the best possible experience. They are the roots of your success.


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