Why is Assault the Most Common Workplace Injury for Women?

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When we think of workplace injuries, thoughts of falling off ladders, slipping on a wet floor, or tripping down stairs as the most common. But what if we told you that 70 percent of all non-fatal injuries that cause days off work were ones that women suffered, and that they are due to assault? It’s a sad and true statistic, according to analysis by the National Safety Council.

There’s been a 60 percent increase in these injuries over the last 8 years, and in 2017 they totaled 12,820 injuries. By contrast, 5,530 men sustained the assault-related injuries at work, the data showed.

The next type of work-related illness or injury that affect women in a disproportionate number are accidental injury by another person (59 percent), falls (57 percent), and ergonomic problems by repetitive tasks (61 percent).

Many of these disproportionate number of various non-fatal injuries and illnesses affect women working in certain sectors, like healthcare (80 percent), education (61 percent), and management/business/financial firms (60 percent).

Nick Smith, interim president and CEO of the National Safety Council, said: “Our workplaces should be safe havens for everyone, and these data show us we can do more to protect women in the workplace. As employers examine the biggest risks facing their workforce, we urge them to consider these trends and make sure safety is extending to all employees.”

As it’s Women’s History Month, the National Safety Council urges employers to examine historical safety trends, especially those involving women in the workplace. That way they can implement safety measures that are accurately addressed for the most vulnerable of their employees.

Did you know that the National Safety Council offers emergency preparedness training to businesses, including active shooter instruction? Contact the National Safety Council for more information.

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